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    UFC 135: Bones vs. Rampage

    Bones or Rampage??

    If Bones can utilize that reach advantage, and make Rampage fight his fight, Bones will win in either 1-2 round.

    If Rampage grinds this match with wrestling and....who am I kidding. Rampage is done son.


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      If Rampage gets in the DeLorean and travels back in time, and destroys youtube... so bones can never find a place to learn all the unorthodox striking he's perfected...


      Rampage would still lose

      I love Rampage.. but when's the last time he's REALLY worked an opponent? 2007?


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        Jones' demeanor is starting to get on my nerves a bit.

        Rampage and Rashad are right in saying that hes too cocky.

        Its because deep down, they know and the MMA world know that Jones is top tier.

        I'm just hoping that Phil Davis smartens up and goes and trains with Steven Segal.


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          the thing i find funny about rampage and rashad calling out jones on his cockiness.... is it's coming from RAMPAGE AND RASHAD

          the two cockiest guys in the LHW division..

          im not a big fan of jones's personality... but i pay to watch him fight.. not for his wittiness... i can deal with him being a dullard as long as he keeps doing what he does in the octagon

          and he's kind of entitled to be cocky.... he has a belt to back it up


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            One of Rampages best interviews,



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              Rampage did alot better than he thought he would... he's no match for Jones, but he didnt get crushed as badly as i figured he would

              Nate Diaz though... can't help but like the kid despite the fact that he's Nick's brother... he's no Einstein, but his maturity and level of common sense are something his brother should model himself after


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                I have to admit that I was out of the UFC picture for a few years now.
                Was watching when Anderson Silva came over and dominated Rich Franklins Nose.
                Was watching when CroCop came over and dominated (and then got his head kicked in by Gabriel Gonzaga).
                Was watching GSP became the most Dominant, Pound-for-Pound fighter in the World.

                Was NOT watching when Jon "Bones" Jones let it be known he is the FUTURE OF THE SPORT.
                Holy Moly. I am completely blown away by this kid.
                That spinning elbow he loves to bust out?! Oooo its beauitful!


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                  Anderson Silva still dominates. He's hands down one of the scariest human beings alive.

                  Jonny Bones Jones is something special. On a personality level, i hate him... too clean cut, too christian, too polite.. but as a fighter, WOW. Go back and watch the Matt Hamill and Brandon Vera fights if you want to see just how dominant he can be. Technically, he lost the Hamill fight due to disqualification, but he just plain destroyed him. And Brandon Vera, who at that point was one of my favourite fighters, he broke his face in 3 places... absolutely brutal.


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                    Is it bad that I wanna see Rashad KO Jon.

                    I think ts Jon's face, I'm starting to hate it with a passion.

                    And that upstate New York accent, that shit eerks me.


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                      In other MMA news, Dream 17 was pretty sick... i have a soft spot for the japanese promotions..

                      I highly recommend watching Mazakazu "Foot Fetish" Imanari vs Abel Cullum, and Shinya Aoki vs Rob McCullough if you want to see some seriously entertaining jits


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                        And the best F.O.B to ever appear on TUF award goes to....... Akira Corassani

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                          e2thed wrote: View Post
                          And the best F.O.B to ever appear on TUF award goes to....... Akira Corassani

                          CANT STAND THAT GUY! ive never wished to see somebody get their face smashed in more than him...

                          TJ Dillishaw is a close second... but he sort of gets a pass, because he really is head and shoulders a better fighter than most of the guys in the house.

                          Love Johnny Dodson though.. "If you ain't cheatin, you ain't tryin'"


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                            heinz57 wrote: View Post
                            Love Johnny Dodson though.. "If you ain't cheatin, you ain't tryin'"
                            His laugh is creepy.

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                              e2thed wrote: View Post
                              His laugh is creepy.

                              LOL.. i find most of the fighters this season kinda creepy... They're a bunch of little angry munchkins who can kick your ass


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                                Love the subtle racism

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