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  • first row sports dot eu

    i pay for events i actually REALLY want to see (or go to a bar.. so they're still getting paid)... but for all else, there's the internets..


    • Ya, they took down most sites. Now, it's all foreign language. I would delete your post, if I were you. It's almost as if they have a scout in here because every time an illegal site is mentioned it goes, bye bye quick.
      If Your Uncle Jack Helped You Off An Elephant, Would You Help Your Uncle Jack Off An Elephant?

      Sometimes, I like to buy a book on CD and listen to it, while reading music.


      • The UFC released their first official fighting rankings yesterday...

        it was done by compiled media votes, and it's the first one, so it's hard to get too mad at it...

        but there is some notable pieces of horseshit in there..

        frankie edgar (0-1) is #4 at featherweight?

        gilbert melendez (0-0) is #1 at lightweight?

        dick diaz (1-1 + a drug suspension that's kept him from fighting for a year) is #3 at welterweight.. ahead of rory macdonald (5-1) and his only loss is to the same dude who beat diaz... and damian maia who's 3-0 at welterweight

        pleasantly surprised to see Khabib Nurmagomedov on the lightweight list though


        • Sometimes I wish I was Joe Silva.

          Id make less filler fights and more fights like Nick Diaz vs. Rory Mcdonald, GSP vs. Anderson , Benson vs. Pettis, Aldo vs. Korean Zombie, Jones vs Henderson, Gustaffson vs. Glover, Cain vs. Cormier.

          Not good business but damn it would be legendary stuff lol.


          • well...... they JUST announced Pettis vs. Aldo

            the divisional rankings be damned... i fucking cant wait for that fight


            • Aldo's leg kicks are top 3 techniques in MMA IMO, definitely the most devastating. I wonder if Pettis will be able to utilize his ground game on Aldo. We know that Aldo doesn't do too well in a 5 round bout when hes on his back in the latter rounds.

              Aldo's off the cage superman punch on Saturday was not too shabby, reminded me of Pettis obviously.


              • Aldo's only flaw is his gas tank.. mainly because of the weight cut down to 145... luckily for him, he dominates early on in every fight he's in enough that it's not really an issue... even if he loses late rounds, he never gasses enough to be taken out

                personally, i think he's the most underrated fighter in the world... and most people would put him at #4 pound for pound... i'd put him right under anderson at #2... and ahead of GSP.. the long injury layoff and lacklustre decision fights really dropped his stock in my eyes..


                • I agree hes underrated even for a champ, on another note damn homeboy Overeem needs to "hispect" his opponents more.

                  Bigfoot is becoming a legend in more ways than one, for being a legend slayer. He looks like Andre the Giant mixed with Shogun and fights like a hes got concrete fists hes a smart fighter too and patient. I wanna see him fight Dos Santos for a #1 contender bout, talk about an absolute first round knockout fight.



                  • overeem was my pick in that fight... he's one of my favourite fighters... i'll generally cheer for any K-1 fighter though

                    but even still.... that was a seriously gratifying knockout that i enjoyed immensely..

                    as soon as overeem came out in the first with his hands down and chin out, i had a bad feeling... right away i thought "oh man... if big foot just catches him once with his guard down like that... he's toast"

                    that knockout was just beautiful... controlled technical striking with insane ferocity

                    good for big foot... i hope they give him the next crack at Cain


                    • Cain versus Bigfoot at this juncture, Id take Bigfoot. I think if Cain takes him down which he will for sure, even on his back he can take a punch with his big ass chin. Once the round ends he'll do the same thing he did to Cain but in the latter rounds maybe the 5th because Cain has amazing cardio and out strike him.

                      Personally I think Dos Santos and Bigfoot could attract more attention on a co-main event on a card with Jon Jones or GSP headlining it.


                      • Cain already destroyed Big Foot.. not that long ago...

                        but that overeem knockout.... man, i have a hard time convincing myself that performance wasn't a championship worthy performance

                        i'd like to see dos satos vs reem up next... it was the fight that was supposed to happen... until dos santos lost the belt


                        • Nastiest KO in TUF History, this dude wins the show no doubt.


                          • it's very seldom that a KO shocks the hell out of me... last week, it was the big foot knockout.. this week, uriah hall...

                            the UFC is doing an outstanding with TUF this season... the editing is amazing...

                            the knockout.... they edited that perfectly.... the second the kick lands... they cut to commercial... no replay, no reactions, just straight to commercial... leaving you marinating in that feeling of awe

                            the KO itself was some BEAUTIFUL stuff... i'll be shocked as hell if Hall doesnt win it all... his foot movement is incredible, how he set up that kick was some of the most deceptive movement i've ever seen... and even then, to hit that kick from that close in, with that much ferocity..

                            my jaw hit the floor when he hit it... im still kind of in awe, and i've watched it about 20 times since..


                            • Cain vs Big Foot, and JDS vs Overeem confirmed for UFC 160 in May


                              • heinz57 wrote: View Post
                                Cain vs Big Foot, and JDS vs Overeem confirmed for UFC 160 in May
                                Thanks for the info dude.

                                I see JDS out-striking 'Reem because JDS' boxing is still up there in MMA and 'Reem's jaw is still made of glass.

                                Cain and Big Foot will be fireworks. I'm sure Cain will take it but you never count out Big Foot he steps up in big fights.