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  • Here they go... the toughest physical grind to a championship in North American Sports... the NHL playoffs. Dental plans are paid up. The trainers are stocked up on Mercurochrome, .08 diameter surgical thread and half circle surgical needles. Puck drop in a day. God I love this game...Can't effing wait.

    In the East its

    Leafs vs Brewinz. Goaltending is pretty even with maybe the slightest of edges to Anderson because of a better save percentage. Up front the B's have the best line in hockey with maybe the best two way player in the game in Patrice Bergeron. On the wings are Pasternak and Marchand. The B's forwards are more physical than the Leafs. The Leafs counter with speed, scoring and depth. Depth is good but its speed that scares the shit out of anyone who follows the game and the Leafs can fly. On the blueline the Leafs have a bit of an edge. Reilly can move the puck and though he can surprise both good and bad Jake Gardiner is a game changer for better and worse. Chara is now 39. Krug is smallish and the grind will get to him. Charlie McAvoy is a load. Wicked hard as they say in Boston.... Watch for the Leafs grinders to wall paper the kid every chance they get to wear him down. Leafs in 7.

    Flyers and Penguins This has the makings of an all time classic. The kid from Hearst vs the kid from Cole Harbour. There will be no hugs and intricate hand shakes in this one and it won't be for the politically correct. Kris Letang will look to rearrange the dental work of anyone dumb enough to look back or across the ice for the puck. Scarborough Bruins and heritage Wexford alum Wayne Simmonds will make Malkin earn every freaking inch of ice. This only way this one could only be better is if they played it that bandbox at Scarboro Arena. I hope the hospitals in Pennsylvania have ample supplies of O positive. This is as close as you get to old time hockey as your going to get. Goaltending... as it always does since Bernie Parent.... lets the Flyers down again....Sid and Malkin win it in 7. If you can take a first round series in.. this is the one.

    Washington vs Columbus Another great matchup. Torts n Trotz. Ovie and Oshie and Backstrom line up against the BreadMan, a well kept secret in Cam Atkinson and the rookie from the Q Pierre Luc Dubois. Nick Foligno is the beat cop that will keep Tom Wilson from running around unchecked. Cheering for Ovie.. the most Canadian Russian ever. This one goes the distance.

    Tampa vs Jersey. Two teams with talent up front with speed to burn. Tampa just has more of it. Stammer and Kutcherov vs Hall. Taylor Hall has had an MVP year and with that he can really say with conviction F U Edmonton. Hall will show up and he will play his ass off.. Its not enough.... Tampa just has more guys....Tampa wins

    Out West...

    The Jets vs The Wild. Gabby gets his teams to the dance... each and every year. And every year they find a way to lose it. This year is no different as they get my favourite to come out of the west in the Jets.. The Jets can play it any way you want. A big fast team that can score with a mean deep blue line. Jets start their march to the Cup Final with a win in 6.

    Vegas vs LA Both teams sport goalies with serious pedigree. In one of the bigger FU's of all time the antithetical analytics based Gerry Gallant has taken the Vegas crew to a shot at the Cup. Florida missed the playoffs entirely. Send them a thank you note on CORSI in cab Gerrard. The miracle in the desert continues on for the first round. Knights advance.

    Colorado vs Nashville Colarado is happy to be in. Nashville has unfinished business. Peter Laviolette has a hell of a team and this guy has taken 3 different teams to the finals winning one with Carolina. They have goaltending... They have a blueline to rival that in Winnipeg. They can score. Can't wait for the finals between what I hope is them and Winnipeg.

    San Jose and Anahiem I have seen these guys play so infrequently because all their games start so late. The curse of the players on the west coast. Anahiem is better down the middle with Getzlaf and the asshole rat Kessler. Hampus and Fowler can and will play close to 30 minutes a game. Sorry Jumbo Joe.... Anahiem wins.

    West Finals are Jets and Ducks .
    East Finals are Tampa and Washtington

    Cup Finals are Jets and Tampa...

    Winner.... Cups coming home to Canada baby....
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    • Big Game Tonight.


      • The Double Champ is here!
        Dynasty King: RRNBADLS7
        Raptors: Larry O'Brien


        • I feel like I just watched a Raptors game one in Boston. Fuck the Leafs looked horrible.
          Why are Toronto teams so soft?
          I mean really, all of them, fucking 10 ply.


          • Nice bounce back at home. Take the next one and it's a whole new series.


            • DanH wrote: View Post
              Nice bounce back at home. Take the next one and it's a whole new series.
              It would be nice....because anyone but Boston hahahaha


              • Big game tonite at the ACC....
                The crowd outside real sports is already getting ready for the game. the only ice outside tonight will be in the bottom of glasses and red solo cups...

                The Leafs are going to live or die tonight on the back of Freddy Anderson.....

                Thinking the Leafs and Nazem Khadri are heading back to Boston with the series all tied up ...


                • Nope.... going to Boston with the collar really really tight....
                  The sore point all year has shown up in spades in the playoffs.... An average to below average blue line.
                  Big hill to climb... Hope they can get it done in Boston....


                  • Here's my dilemma: on the one hand, it'd be wonderful to have two teams in the second round of the playoffs. On the other hand, it'd *also* be really nice to be able to watch the Jets on CBC...


                    • TheWaterboy wrote: View Post
                      Here's my dilemma: on the one hand, it'd be wonderful to have two teams in the second round of the playoffs. On the other hand, it'd *also* be really nice to be able to watch the Jets on CBC...
                      You will be watching the Jets on CBC for a while.... This is a really good team. That series with Nashville (I think Nashville closes out the Avs in Denver in 6) will be worth staying up for if they start them later.

                      Them and Tampa would be a great final....Cups coming home this year.... Portage and Main.


                      • It’s win or go home night at the ACC ...The Leafs and their legions of fans are hoping for a win tonight and with a nicked up Patrice Bergeron they should get their wishes granted....

                        The Leafs defense is their Achilles heel but they over come that tonight with their speed and enthusiasm and set up for game 7 in Boston where all the pressure is on the win now Bruins....

                        In an unrelated event Raptors “fans” are, as usual, afraid of any competition and are running to their collective bunkers to hide from the world ...blaming anything and everyone they can in the face of their massive insecurity complexes. Pathetic.


                        • Whatever Bud.



                          • Game 7. I'm ready.


                            • rocwell wrote: View Post
                              Game 7. I'm ready.
                              Me too... should be a hell of a game...

                              Superjudge wrote: View Post
                              Whatever Bud.
                              Don't sprain anything getting too worked up....


                              • No sprains. But likely not up for anymore "playoff hockey" for a while.