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  • The NHL seems to be plugging along. Hope they name their hub cities soon.
    If they get it going again this summer I will watch but of all the sports this is the one that just doesn't seem to fit in August.
    I wouldn't be crushed if the NHL and NHLPA said for the tradition of the Stanley Cup grind they would not name a champion this year. I don't know how deep the pockets are of the owners but they could also just call it all off and reload in September.
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    • RIP Dale

      Got into sports at a young age because of him. He was awesome. Was like being Lebronto'd having to play the Oilers in the early 80's but he always made those series fun and the team a joy to cheer for.

      Sad day in Winnipeg I'm sure.


      • The 2020 NHL Draft kicked off tonight with the first round.
        For transparency. I am an unvarnished unabashed Leafs fan. My fault not anyone elses.

        Doobie got us another kinda smallish high IQ winger. Rodion Amirov. Like we don't have enough to those. The kids is a talent for sure. You have to be go in the first round but .....
        He passed on a bigger (6'2" 205Lb) RH D from the WHL Braden Schnieder. The kid can skate and he will fill out to close to 215-20 before he plays in 3 years. Hes not Seth Jones... but damn hes not Martin Marincin either.
        I hope Doobie is right.. but this one I think bites us in the ass.
        The Leafs.. though they won't admit it...miss the uber bird dog talent evaluator Mark Hunter. A lot.
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        • Its close to 20% of the way through the NHLs abbreviated schedule and the forced accommodation of an all Canadian division is turning out to be the best god damn thing ever. The Leafs and Habs playing each other 9 times. The rise of uber villian Matthew Tkachuk. McDavid and Mathews and Driesital back to back .

          The no respect WInnipeg Jets are loaded again with the arrival of another Torterell expat in Pierre Luc Dubois. The Canucks Quinn Hughes is for now not suffering the fate of Marcel Dionne as one of the best players in the game we never see cuz he plays on the west coast 3 hours too late for all the eyeballs in the east to see this kid move the puck up the ice like the Norris candidate he should be. Watching a pretty young Senators team have to grow up fast as they have to punch up every single night against better teams. No Detroits or Chicagos this year. They have to fight up a couple of weight classes every game.

          Going to be 3 month tournament with a chance to build up some good hate between teams.

          Then they can settle all the scores in the playoffs.

          Gotta love it.
          Canadas election mantra #Dump the Chump


          • I'm finding it a lot of fun to follow my hometown Jets this year, even with the departure of Laine *sniff*. They're still working out how best to deploy their forwards (with some very Nurse-like line juggling), Hellebuyck may have finally fully rounded into form, and the defence is sometimes the weak link. They may top out a little below the talent level of the Leafs and Oilers, but the team plays with a lot of spirit and is very entertaining to watch.

            One additional thing to watch out for - there appears to be a bit of a budding hockey nerd bromance developing between Scheifele and Dubois that will probably be good for both players.


            • ... I just got an OG Anunoby Playstation commercial in my Jets broadcast. I am sooooo confused....


              • The NHL playoffs are about to kick off ... This is arguably the toughest run of the 4 major North American sports to win. Every second night with broken fingers, bone bruises, cracked ribs and spittin chicklets its 16 more games to hoist the Cup. With enough Surgical needles, Number 8 suture stitching and a couple of oil barrels full of Mercurochrome the playoffs start tonight.

                SO who ya got ?

                Round 1.

                Leafs over the Habs
                Oilers over the Jets

                Canes over Nashville
                Florida over Tampa

                Islanders over Pittsburgh
                Caps over the Bruins

                Avalanche over the Blues
                Vegas over Minny.

                Round 2

                Leafs over Oilers
                Carolina over Florida
                Caps over Islanders

                Vegas over Avalance

                Round 3

                Vegas over Caps
                Leafs over Carolina

                The Stanley Cup

                Vegas over Leafs

                Well that went well.... I have one team left.
                At least its the team that I picked to hoist the Cup.
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                Canadas election mantra #Dump the Chump


                • This is mean (but hilarious).