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    Just a little bit before the halfway mark of the season and it looks more and more like the Raptors have to win the Atlantic division and make the playoffs. Without harming our future too much, I think we should give this thing a decent run to start the Masai era. Over the past few days I have been thinking what Toronto really needs now and a starting SF is all I can think of... Anyways here is my trade:

    Toronto recieves Evan Turner

    Philadelphia recieves Landry Fields, 2016 First Round Pick (NYK; not sure what protection is on this pick), Future 2nd Round Pick (TOR)

    Conditions: Evan Turner signs a three-year extension for around $19-23 million (Around $6-8 per year; he makes $6.7 right now on his rookie deal and IMO not worth much more than that)

    Toronto Pros
    - Toronto does not get caught in no man's land. IMO they must win the conference to be considered out of no man's land because there is no point of getting 7-8 in conference and getting trashed in the first round. I believe this trade would ensure an Atlantic Division title.
    - Toronto gets a lengthy (6'7 w/ 6'8 Wingspan), athletic small forward who at 25 has a lot of potential upside.
    - Little risk as Turner on a good contract would be sought after by a championship-calibre team if he did not mesh in Toronto.

    Toronto Cons
    - Evan Turner REALLY does not mesh with team and loses value on the market.
    - Have to give up first-round pick and the Knicks could still be really bad in 2016.

    Philadelphia Pros
    - Getting rid of Turner puts them into full tank mode and they bomb themselves into a 2014 top-3 pick.

    Philadelphia Cons
    - If the original plans were to just keep Turner to clear up cap space they would get Fields for one more year at $6.25 mil.

    Let me know what you think!
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