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So the Lakers want Lowry...

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  • So the Lakers want Lowry...

    The trade...
    To LA:
    - Lowry
    - Hansbrough
    - Raptors 20th pick

    To TO:
    - Lakers' 6th pick
    - Nash

    Not sure how the salary matching would shake out since Lowry'd get a new contract probably close to 10 mil. Thus the Hansbrough addition. But the essential part is the Lakers getting a more durable (relatively) PG to battle with the west guards, and exchanging a long term move for "win now" move as its been rumored they're trying to do.

    Why it works for the Raptors:
    - Lowry may walk anyway. IMO getting a high lottery pick in return would be HUGE. While Lowry is a tank hes reached his ceiling and so has the team with him at the helm anyway. So if they can sign-and trade him at his highest value, why not?
    - Nash is borderline washed up, BUT can still run a team and being ultra passive as an offensive facilitator makes me think our younger guys will get more oppotunity to step up (JV, Ross, and even Demar).
    - Not to mention the high pick. Depending on whos left on the board this could be any of Randle or Vonleh (PFs to match with JV), or Exum/Smart for Nash to groom into the PGs of the future.

    I'm sure the more salary/number savvy of you out there will tare this trade apart, but from a basketball perspective it makes sense... for both teams. LA still gets a decent draft pick, and a pit-bull/competitive point which they desperately need to win now as they'll want to do as long as Kobe is alive.

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    The thing is that Lowry is a free agent and the Lakers have cap space. So they can just sign him.

    I agree that the Lakers should seriously look at Lowry, but sign and trade doesn't make much sense. The only scenario where it might make sense is if the Lakers get one of Bosh, Melo, LeBron as well, in which case they wouldn't have cap space for Lowry.


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      The Lakers want Dante Exum. I hope that hope is realized.