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  • OG

    This is less of a specific trade idea and more of a hypothetical. Woj and Lowe said on their trade deadline show that the Raptors are all-in and that OG is on the table as their top asset in exchange for a shooter.

    What could he net that would unquestionably make us better, knowing we’d likely have to attach Norm for salary? I also am not arguing other teams do these trades, more just, does this unquestionably make sense for the Raptors to try to win this season?

    Would OG and Norm for Oubre be an improvement? He’s having a career year, is a capable defender, but not much more than an average shooter.

    OG, Norm and Stanley Johnson for Aaron Gordon works, but that leaves us with a mess of bigs and very thin on the wings.

    OG and McCaw for Bogdan could actually make sense for both teams.

    It doesn’t seem like Gallo could feasibly fit into a trade that works as a guaranteed positive for the raptors with his salary.

    Anyone else fit the mould that could really move the needle in an all-in move?