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  • 76ers/Raptors

    If we had to trade Lowry... and trust me, I want him to stay. I wouldn’t mind something along these lines.

    to 76ers - Lowry, Powell
    to Raptors - Harris, Thybulle, 1st round pick

    reason for 76ers- they bolster their lineup with Lowry, and still get off of Harris’s bad contract... we get the first round pick for that I’m a big Thybullle fan.

    reason for the Raps - let Lowry go home and be on a contending team. Powell will give them extra firepower off the bench. We get a first round pick and a young prospect. Yes, we take on Harris’s contract, but if we are going to build the rest of our team through the draft, cap room isn’t that much of a worry.

    Baynes, Boucher, Len
    Siakam, OG, Harris,
    OG, Harris, ...
    Thybulle, FVV, Thomas, TD
    FVV, Flynn, McCaw

    With the probability of getting a high draft pick this year we could add a good/great talent to this core. We build from this base, which isn’t half bad.

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    When my head clears and I am ready to trade Lowry.. I would want far more than a pick in the high 20's if possible. Thybulle is okay but is just a role player.. not much upside. Harris' contract isn't great. Maybe it can be flipped in a year or two and that might make it worth it.. but I think Philly likes him a lot.