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    So I was watching the LAC OKC game today and once KD and Co. (Mitch McGary anyone?!?!) put the game out of reach Perry Jones got in. Watching him played made me think how awesome it'd be to have in a Raps uniform. Young guy who's buried under KD (and will stay there for a while) who had quite the run while in the starting line up. Got me thinking that he could be our answer to the SF starting spot. He's a 6'11 SF with freakish potential (shown flashes of being great). Can defend (has to tools to be almost as good as JJ), drive (something Ross hasn't quite figured out yet, though I'm not totally convinced its not just a matter of coaching), decent shot (not quite Ross but more than serviceable) and he's very young so he'll fit in with the core.

    I'm not sure if I'd like to give up on Ross yet but a Ross for PJ3 straight up doesn't sound too bad to me (for either team), we might need to toss in some cash to make it work but still doable.

    On a MUCH crazier note (which I'm just tossing out here for arguments sake) why not be a 3rd team to help OKC land Brook Lopez. I know that the Nets suck (seriously, I hate them) but why not do something along the lines of:

    OKC: Lopez + 2nd rounder + Fields/Steisma/Hansborough/trade exception
    BRK: Ross + Reggie Jackson
    TOR: Perry Jones + Kevin Garnet

    I haven't done the cap calculations and I do realize that this is very little to give up for the return and KG isn't exactly my favourite person (but he can help with JV and defense). Again, THIS IS A CRAZY/INSANE/SUPER OUT THERE idea.

    What are your thoughts?
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    No thank you to Garnett, Perkins would have to be in the trade to somewhere, Okc will not go 15 -25 million over the cap