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3 Team Trade: Toronto - Phoenix - Memphis

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  • 3 Team Trade: Toronto - Phoenix - Memphis

    With the thoughts voiced over the possibility of a trade for miles plumlee, and an idea I got from another thread that covers all possible trade targets I got an idea...

    Purposed trade:

    Toronto receives: Miles Plumlee, Tyler Ennis & Vince Carter

    Phoenix receives: Terrence Ross & Toronto's 2015 first round pick

    Memphis receives: Tyler Hansbrough & Greg Steimsma (maybe a pick as well)

    TORONTO benefits by getting the true backup centre they need, getting a third string (homegrown) backup PG to be moulded as our PG of the future & we get a veteran bench SF with good defence and a solid 3 point shot; who also happens to be the guy who started it all (VC) , and can retire a Raptor.

    PHOENIX benefits by unloading the centre they don't need or want, they get a wing with a great shot and a high ceiling in Terrence Ross (was a top ten pick), who still has a year before needing a contract. And they will also get a first round pick most likely in the range of #26. Terrence Ross is more for Ennis while the pick is kind of straight up for Plumlee.

    MEMPHIS benefits from this because although VC is a good vet off the bench he is injured and may not be productive much longer. They are interested in Andray Blanche, a big as backup who is known to have issues. Instead they get Steamer to fill that roll and also get a great high energy PF in Hansbrough (who is expiring so could just be money off the books). May require a second rounder to sweeten the deal.

    Does anybody like this or think it would be in the realm of being accepted..? It does work in trade machine, but the link won't post, I have a screen shot of the successful trade but idk how to post a picture