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    So i just listened to the "Dr is in" podcast and they proposed a very interesting trade for Westbrook. I was just wondering what the rest of RR thinks of the deal. Personally I think if we can get this done then I would do it in a heartbeat but in all reality I have a feeling there is no way it will happen.
    The Deal

    To OKC
    NYK/Denver pick
    Raptors 1st round pick 2016

    To Raptors

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    No way in hell OKC would even consider it.


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      lol okc might consider it if we add

      JV, DD, PAT JJ , GV 2019 first, 2017 first
      Abbas wrote:

      First of all i was my own source


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        Abbas wrote: View Post
        lol okc might consider it if we add

        JV, DD, PAT JJ , GV 2019 first, 2017 first
        Not enough
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          Absolutely no way OKC even thinks about taking that deal

          Westbrook was a top 5 player this year
          "Both teams played hard my man" - Sheed


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            Was this the Dr from the podcast?

            Cause that's one of the stupidest trade ideas I've ever heard of.
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              I think his reasoning behind the trade was that he think Wesrbrook is definitely gonna leave OKC because he and the new coach would not work well together, so he figured OKC would want to see something/anything in return for Westbrook instead of him walking away in free agency with them having nothing to show for it. The problem here though, is the fact Westbrook would be a one season rental, with no guarantee of resigning.
              The Dr also suggested a few other moves that he thought would turn the team into a 60 win team (the game in the podcast was to put yourself in Masais shoes and make a maximum of 6 moves to make a 50 win team that would win a playoff round). Here's what he suggested:

              Sign vets that love Casey, gives leadership the team needs
              Sign Jason terry, 5.5 mill
              Sign Tyson chandler,
              Sign Luis Scola, 5.5 mill
              Sign Middleton, 10 mill
              Draft Harrel or Looney ( bigs that can bang on glass and develop)
              Keep Casey, let all other free agents walk

              Out: Lowry, Ross, 2016 NYK pick, 2016 TOR pick
              In: Westbrook

              Scola/PP/ Harrel or Looney
              JV/ Chandler


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                Unless Westbrook says "I want to leave and go to the Raptors", there's no way he ends up here via trade. He's a superstar, and you don't trade those if they don't ask to leave. Plus, even if he just said he wanted to leave, there are other teams that would be way more attractive both to him and to OKC, like Boston and it's infinite number of draft picks.