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    Some pieces get kept, and some get moved. Both of these trade ideas were taken from the main page and i was intrigued to see what the roster would look like if we did both, as well as everyone else's opinion.
    NOTE: If you're not a fan of trading Kyle or DeMar, don't bother reading this.

    To Houston: Kyle Lowry
    To Toronto: Terrence Jones, Corey Brewer, Clint Capela, and Kosta Papanikoloau

    Why Houston does it: They finally get themselves a starting caliber PG to take them to true contender status.
    Why Toronto does it: Even though there would be a huge gap at the staring PG spot, alot of other issues would be addressed. We get ourselves a starting PF replacement in Terrence Jones who I am a huge fan of (think a defensive minded PP), Corey Brewer is the wing defender we wish T Ross was and can hit the 3 relatively well, We get ourselves a very promising looking backup C in Capella (remember how monstrous this guy was in the last HOU-TOR matchup?). To be honest I don't know much about Papanikoloau, but he seems to be a forum favourite on here.

    Our depth chart looks a little something like this (+20th overall):
    DD/ T Ross
    Brewer / JJ / Bruno / Papanikolao
    Jones / PP
    JV/ Capella/ Bebe

    Next trade adds another intriguing piece.
    To Utah: DeMar DeRozan, 20th overall
    To Toronto: Dante Exum, Alec Burks, Trevor Booker, Utah pick (around 13th overall)

    Why Utah does it: Get themselves the scoring punch they need and would look very nice alongside Hayward.
    Why Toronto does it: Depending on player development, they get themselves their PG for the future in Exum (SO MUCH POTENTIAL!!!), Trevor Booker is somewhat of another stretch 4, Alec Burks adds some scoring punch off of the bench, and we move up in the draft.

    Depth chart looks something like this (+13th overall):
    Brewer/ T Ross/ Burks
    JJ/ Bruno / Papanikolao
    Jones / PP/ Booker
    JV/ Capella/ Bebe

    If a S&A with Orlando could be achieved to net Harris, with some combo of T Ross + Papanikolao and 13th overall, I'd explore that option as well.
    Brewer/ Burks

    Thoughts and opinions?
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