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New york knicks trade

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  • New york knicks trade

    The trade
    Knicks get
    Kyle Lowry

    Phoenix suns get
    Shane Larkin
    Tim Hardaway Jr.

    Toronto Raptors get
    Jose Calderon
    Alex Len
    Danny Granger
    4th overall pick

    Why it makes sense for the knicks
    The Knicks get the player they have wanted for the past few seasons in kyle lowry, the player who could make Carmelo Anthony return to relevance.
    They also are not losing anybody who they really care about other than the 4th pick

    Why it makes sense for the suns
    This is a really good trade for the Suns because its a salary dump plus a talent upgrade off the bench because gerald green is looking like he is gonna bolt. Also Alex Len looks like he just wont fit with phoenix he just isnt a good fit he is slow doesnt rebound the ball well, brendan wright is much better. the suns are also getting a speedy point guard to come off the bench in Shane Larkin.

    Why it makes sense for Toronto
    The raptors need a significant talent upgrade because let's face it we SUCK.
    we Get a better back up point guard in Jose calderon
    Some actual front court depth in Alex Len who is still has some fairly decent upside because he could protect the rim better than jonas. We also get danny granger who use to be an incredible scorer injuries have reduced him to a ok bench player. AND THE ONLY REASON WE DO THIS TRADE for the 4th overall pick
    There are a bunch of players who could become superstars int his draft like Dangelo Russell, Karl Anthony-Towns,Emanuel mudiay, Justise Winslow, Jahlil Okafor and stanley johnson.

    What do you think about this trade??????

  • #2
    Sadly James Dolan doesn't make the moves for the Knicks anymore... Think the Knicks are giving up too much for Lowry


    • #3
      Dolan didn't get shafted by MU for Bargs. He gave up more dead salary and a draft pick which was already traded away. MU got a good pick but took on a longer bad deal in Novak. NYK and Denver both being bottom dwellers was just luck


      • #4
        Calderon n 4th for Lowry might have the Knicks interested but i doubt they throw in Hardaway Jr n Larkin. Not too mention, why would the Suns even be put in this? First, from what ive seen Len has looked pretty good and i dont see the Suns looking to move him n not for those two. Imo your deal should look like this, Hardaway Jr, Larkin, Calderon & 4th pick to Toronto for Lowry and as i mentioned i dont think the Knicks jump at it.


        • #5
          I don't think the suns would join it was just another trade that would make sense. But what I was thinking was more of trade revolving around Lowry and 4th overall pick


          • #6
            Suns will never do this trade!

            They value Len as like we value JV, imagine trading JV for Hardaway Jr & Larkin

            This trade is horrific for Phoenix
            "Both teams played hard my man" - Sheed


            • #7
              Ya PHX traded away Plumlee to get more PT for Len


              • #8
                I'm sure NY will want to get a stud this summer, maybe 2. I think they will sign a huge FA and that they will trade their 4th pick to form a big 3 with melo.


                • #9
                  charlesnba23 wrote: View Post
                  I'm sure NY will want to get a stud this summer, maybe 2. I think they will sign a huge FA and that they will trade their 4th pick to form a big 3 with melo.
                  Who are the three they plan on watching Melo ball hog


                  • #10
                    raptors999 wrote: View Post
                    Who are the three they plan on watching Melo ball hog
                    What does that mean?


                    • #11
                      lol melo can not be the alpha dog on a championship team