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  • Raptors to Minnesota

    Raptors trade Ross and LAC protected first rounder to the wolves for Gorgui Dieng.

    Dieng is like a younger amir Johnson, with more offensive/defensive potential in small ball situations. He also would be paid less and improve our PF spot

    Low risk, high reward move. Improving the future going forward which is a Masai like move in my opinion.


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    I thought he might become available in combination with a bunch of salaries as a salary dump. Minny looked like they were looking to clear cap space a few weeks ago. But they've been silent since.

    I don't think they would trade him in a move like this. Ross is a worse player, he's not a bad fit for them, but he's just not worth to give up Dieng. The Clippers pick isn't a major asset that could sway such a trade.

    If they had their eyes set on some serious upgrade in free agency and wanted to clear cap, I think the Raptors could've worked around this, take on Dieng, Bennett, Budinger for Ross, cap space plus. But it seems that they chose to stand pat.

    I do like Dieng, I think he's at the very least a very good 3rd big on a playoff team. There's some potential for him to become a great fit at PF next to Valanciunas. He needs to increase his range a little bit, but he's shown promise in that regard, so it's possible. He can pass, rebound, defend. He plays tough. I like him a lot. Even if he's nothing more than just a long term backup center with some minutes at 4 for the Raptors, he would still be a great piece to add. But I don't see it at this point, not enough in it for Minnesota.


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      Dieng is looking like hes gonna be really damn good and if im Minny id be looking to dump Pekovic and go with Dieng & Towns in the frontcourt. Ross would be a bit redundant on the TWolves as they got high flyers in Wiggins & LaVine n i think they like the UCLA combo of Zach & Shabazz. No need for Ross unless they want to dump Kevin Martin but i see him as a good veteran along with KG to keep around a young & talented core.

      C Dieng
      PF Towns
      SF Wiggins - Shabazz
      SG LaVine - Martin (starter)
      PG Rubio

      Thats a fun team mang


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        I'm repeating myself. Lavine is a point guard and that is the way the Twolves used him primarily last season even when Rubio was healthy.


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          I see. We would need to give a bit more including ridnour+JJ to get him from Minny. Possibly throw in second rounder to get them thinking