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    Tor gets - Zach Randolph

    Mem get - Patrick Patterson, Lucas Nogueira, future second
    Abbas wrote:

    First of all i was my own source

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    I also think that Randolph is an option we should seriously consider. But I think we would have to give a bit more to the Grizzlies for them to consider the option.

    If the ultimate goal is to win a championship, I think that both teams, as constructed, won't be able to achieve it, as good as they are.

    That's why I think we should consider giving up Lowry for Randolph. We could also add JJ so they have a bit of help at the 3 and 4 spot for this season, and they could add Chalmers or Barnes going the other way for us to have a bit of help at the 1 or at the 3, also for this season. If it is Chalmers, we have to wait until mid-january to do the trade, which should not be a problem.

    Now, why would Memphis do it?

    Well, Conley is an unrestricted FA at the end of this season, and it will probably cost way more to bring him back than the 12M$/yr contract that Lowry has. Also, Lowry is about the same age (only a bit older) and is about the same caliber (if not better).

    In the offseason, they will be able to go after one of the top free agents to go alongside Gasol and the newly aquired Lowry.

    And why would the Raptors do it?

    In a couple months, as great as Lowry is, maybe we will realise that CoJo can take the reins of this team. Add to this that he's 5 years younger and way cheaper.

    Zach Randolph could be a short term answer to our desperate need of scoring and rebounding at the 4. His contract ends up in 2017, so we would then be able to go after a big free agent.


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