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  • Tor - NYK

    To Tor - Carmelo, Afflalo, Amundoson

    To NYK - Carroll, Ross, BeBe, 2Pat, Bennett, NYK 2016 pick, 2017 LAC pick

    We become around a 55-60 win team. Get one aging Superstar, one VERY good veteran back-up SG, one solid veteran in Amundson

    RAPTORS Line Up 2016 and Playoffs

    Lowry-Cojo - Wright
    Demar-Afflalo - Cojo - Powell
    Carmelo-JJ - Demar - Bruno
    Scola-Amunoson - Melo - JJ
    Jonas-Bismack - Scola

    Next year with some smart trades we could still have room for another max after re-singing Demar
    Lowry-Wright - Vet
    Demar-Powell - Vet
    Carmelo-Bruno - Demar
    Horford?-Pick - Vet - Carmelo
    Jonas-Biz? - Horford - Vet

    58-62 win Team ^?

    NYK get their pick back plus another pick, they get 1 pretty good starter in Carroll, 3-d guy in Ross, two projects in Bebe and Bennett
    NYK goes tank mode and drafts someone like Kris Dunn
    2016/17 NYK Line Up

    Lopez- Williams/O'Quinin
    They'll still have money to throw a max
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    I would do that trade, but I don't think the Knicks would do that deal.


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      Nice idea, but Melo and DeMar cannot coexist. They both operate in the same space. You'd run into the same issues we had when DeMar and Rudy were here together.


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        Disclosure: I am a sworn anti-Meloist.

        Have always believed no team can win with him as the main option. He is also full of himself...having not won anything.

        I dont think Masai would relish having Melo play for him again nor trade Demarre after just signing him.

        Dont like giving up those picks


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          Bad trade on so many levels that I don't even know where to start first but the first place to start would be the Melo Demar pairing. Its a worse version of Demar Gay as Rudy can at least play defense.

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