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Lowry for Ibaka

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  • Lowry for Ibaka

    Would you do it?

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    I think so. But damn that's a tough one.


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      No. Doesn't seem like great management at the moment.

      If you can get Ibaka now without taking away from the core or killing the depth too much, that's great. Otherwise the deal makes little sense right now for the Raps, and frankly the deal makes zero sense at all for OKC. You'd get Ibaka, probably become worse anyway the way the team depends on Lowry, and the whole situation doesn't necessarily make Toronto more appealing for Ibaka to return as a free agent.

      So yeah, pass for now. Maybe revisit next season. Likely would just wait until free agency and see what the situation is.


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        I've thought about it a bit more, and I'm still on "no".

        I want to say maybe you try to get him with Ross, our 2016 pick and the LAC 2017 pick....That just might be appealing to OKC. Then our wing depth and shooting become awful though. Maybe we can somehow get Morrow back if we're sending Ross, but then maybe we need to throw in something like Bebe as well. I don't know. Trades are tough to swing, but Masai has managed to do well in that area.


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          The only reason I'm slightly ok with it is because we're deep at point guard, and Ibaka instantly changes the complexion of our defense. But giving up Lowry would hurt a lot. DeMar for Ibaka would be a far better trade for us.