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  • Tor-atl

    Toronto out: Patrick Patterson, James Johnson, Delon Wright, 2016 1st round pick, 2017 1st round pick
    Toronto in: Al Horford, Justin Holiday

    We acquire a borderline allstar in Horford who might rejuvenate his career as a Raptors consider he will play alongside his once team mate in DeMarre Carroll. We get the PF we desperately need, him and Scola should be fun to watch. Horford would pair well with JV and we would do OK defensively. I'm glad the Hawks are making him available. Justin Holiday can be our third string SG or a trade chip when summer roams along.

    The Hawks might tank but will still make to the playoff given the fact if they retain Jeff Teague. They get a floor space general in Patrick Patterson, a decent defender in Johnson and a backup PG in Wright plus a few draft picks.

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    Ill make the assumption that its the LAC 2017 first round pick and our own 2016 first round pick.

    Still though, it seems like a hell of a lot for a guy who can leave in July. And the problem with trading JJ is that leaves us crazy thin at the SF position (assuming we don't have Demar there for extended appearances).