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Is Agent Zero Enough to Keep Bosh in Toronto

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  • Is Agent Zero Enough to Keep Bosh in Toronto

    What do you guys think about trying to aquire Gilbert Arenas?

    Despite all of his off the court mistakes this guy is a slasher and a scorer, he puts pressure on the oposing defence and can take some pressure off of Chris Bosh. He would probably play along side Jack more sucessfully then Jose ever did (I hated that line-up) I would suggest starting Arenas at the PG and bringing Jack off of the bench.

    He is probably available as he has a unfavourable contract and it looks like Washington is in full rebuild mode.

    Washington gets:
    expiring contrat of Evans
    Marco Belinelli
    1st round pick

    Tronto gets:
    Gilbert Arenas

    Why we do this trade? we get a big name scorer/slasher that we desperatly need to Keep Bosh in Toronto

    Why Washington does this? they gets 50 million in salary relief over the next 4 years that they can use to rebuild, a 1st round pick and a good starting PG In Jose.
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      I think it's enough to send Bosh far, far away though.


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        yes and if it fails were in rebuild mode anyway

        win win
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          Gosh, I hope not ... the combination of Bosh's new contract + Gilbert's contract + Hedo's and Bargnani's contracts ... that Raptors team would be stuck in no-man's land for the duration of those contracts.

          Better that Bosh leaves the Raptors and they rebuild properly.


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            Can we please please please STOP giving away our 1st round picks.....until we are in a position to ensure they are in the 25+ range...meaning we are a good-v. good team.


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              Does Gilbert play any D?


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                no first rounder


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                  @Krix: he can when he wants to... he's definitely athletic enough to do it... the problem is that he doesn't take pride in it and therefore doesn't make it a routine; he plays D when he wants to... he reminds me of Vince because both have great defensive potential but didn't work on it enough... when vince was here i thought that both could be top 5 players in the league (potentially) but aren't because don't play intelligently enough... so he would definitely be a good SG for us... I mean think about it if he does get his head around as a SG he'll be the best wingman we've had since VC... he's listed as 6foot4 215 so he'd be bigger than jack was... he could solve our problems of creativity from the wing position... I say our starting 5 would be:

                  PG: Jack
                  SG: Arenas
                  SF: Turkoglu
                  PF: Bosh
                  C: Bargnani (or really anyone who can really rebound consistently)

                  wouldn't be a horrible team is all I'm saying... is that team worst than the team we have now??

                  look all i'm saying is that there's been a ton of talk about defense this year but if you think about it... we lost ALOT of close games due to not being able to score... as much as everyone talks about being able to stop teams as the reason why we can't win games I agree but only partially because we need to outscore teams as well... we are a good team offensively but let's be real we have room to improve... our scoring in the 4th quarter and in crunch time we can't seem to score as often and that is because our offense is TOO predictable... so I think it's really a combination of both good defense AND offence
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                    verbatim wrote: View Post
                    no first rounder
                    I would rather not give up the first rounder, if just unloading the contract is enough for Washington
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                      Krix wrote: View Post
                      Does Gilbert play any D?
                      Does anyone on the team currently play any D? our defensive problems arn't going to be fixed by adding 1 player. Bosh wants a player that can slash score and take some pressure off of him, and we dont have much to offer. Do you have any better sugestions? Im sorry but where not going to turn banks and evans into Chris Paul.
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                        Dave wrote: View Post
                        Gosh, I hope not ... the combination of Bosh's new contract + Gilbert's contract + Hedo's and Bargnani's contracts ... that Raptors team would be stuck in no-man's land for the duration of those contracts.

                        Better that Bosh leaves the Raptors and they rebuild properly.
                        I understand where you are coming from, Arenas adds another 10 mil per year in salary on top what we allready have. The thing is where not going to get a guy that can get 20+ ppg 7+apg and 4+rpg for less than 10 mil per year. This is a guy who possess the talent to single handedly take over games. NO GUTS NO GLORY! if Bosh walks we have nothing to rebuild with and we are going to struggle for along time, (see post Vince era for painted picture)

                        Sure rebuilding properly would be nice if yor willing to wait 4 or 5 years and who's to say we don't make mistakes along the way and end up in the same position 4 years down the road or worse. This is the NBA things happen that we cant always forsee. We have to keep moving forward and Keep Chris Bosh is moving forward, why do you think the fanchise is behind him 100% and they will do everything they can to keep him. We tried going backwards and it was bad for a long time I would say we still havn't recovered from it.
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                          I thought it might be fun to try and pick up Areanas if his contract got voided. I don't want to give up any draft picks. I am also concerned that we'd have too may shooting guards; wouldn't it be better to let derozen and weems fight for the starting job? Might be good for both of them. Not sure whether i'd want Jack coming off the bench, if we move jose, I think he's played himself into starting. I think there are other things I'd try to do first, but at the end of the day I don't think we'd be that worse off. Besides, Gilbert going off for 30 every once and awhile might be a highlight in an otherwise losing and boring season.
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