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  • Tor-phx

    Toronto needs help and we will get our help

    Toronto out: Jonas Valanciunas, Pascal Siakam
    Toronto in: Tyson Chandler, TJ Warren

    Why Raptors: Tyson Chandler is a better defender than Valanciunas and has a reasonable contract. TJ Warren is a star in the making and with the surging Josh Jackson, he looks expendable.

    Why Suns: They get a allstar caliber C in Valanciunas who I believe with a change of scenery can do well in his career along with Siakam who is good PF and may start and average double double on a bad team like the Suns who's looking to rebuild.

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    TJ warren scores you a ton but cant shoot the 3 for his life so he cant spread the floor... OG does that now cause of his 3 point threat and will be cheaper than TJ for the next 4 years, even though TJ has a respectable contract... it's borderline for me but I dont see the need for it right now..
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      I freaking love Tyson Chandler. He's a taller, meaner PJ Tucker. I'd love to see him on Raps, DD and KL would freaking love the guy. I've been a JV defender for years -- even now, when it's clear his ceiling is lower than what we all once hoped, especially as the prevailing style of play makes slow-footed Centers less valuable -- but in my drunker moments I wonder if JV-for-Tyson straight-up would make us better. The Trade Machine blesses it as viable.

      I can't imagine PHX doesn't pull the trigger on that -- JV's like $3M more expensive but under contract for an extra year and 10 years younger...what use do the Suns have in rebuilding mode for a 35-year old center? And Raps might jump at opportunity to save $24M and that extra contract year since so that they can be in a position to blow it up if we don't get over the hump this year or next.

      But I'm still scurred. Eye-test be damned, advanced stats still say JV's a really good C, and that we're probably a worse team without him. And JV Beast Mode still wins us a few games. TC would look damn good as a Rap though; this team always loves a JYD-Oak-PJ intensity heavyweight. TC's nothing but heart.