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  • OKC - Raptors?

    Hey guys,

    OKC is having some chemistry issue and clearly MELO isnt working out. Melo opting in to his contract as well will not help. He literally destroyed OKC by doing that so for sure they are looking to move him (I dont think he has that trade amnesty anymore, correct me if i am wrong)

    Ibaka has been okay throughout the season but terrible during playoffs.

    Would you guys trade Ibaka & Norm in order to get Melo?
    I am sure the fan in OKC will love to have their PF back with them. But in order to get him back, they have to absorb Norm's big contract coming up. Seems fair since we taking Melo out of their team to help them out.

    Obviously defense with Melo is going to make the line up worse but we still have Siakam as backup 4 if needed. Serge was useless during playoff so it can't get any worse right?...

    If we wanted a star without trading both our SEASON all-stars...this might be a way to do it.

    This might end up being like Rudy Gay and DeMar again but with a new head coach, we might have abit more ball movement.
    I dont see any other way to get a 3rd star joining us without trade a big piece of ours. If rumors are correct about Lebon going to the West....this is our chance to get a leg up on Boston/Philly.



    Please dont hate haha

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    Melo is not a star player, he's not even better JV, Delon, Yak, Pascal, FVV, OG . I'd rather have Ibaka without question.

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      OKC would want to reduce salary not add to it. Ibaka+Powell will make about $30M next year. Melo would make $27. So they would not do that trade. And Ibaka was traded from OKC just a couple of years ago. Doubt they would want him back.

      Also Melo still has a no trade clause. That didn't disappear with the NY/OKC trade. So he would want to come here.

      Now with that said.. if that trade was on the table of course I would do it. Melo is an expiring.. so we lose both Ibaka and Powell's contracts off our books one year early. Even if Melo sucks now.


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        I don't like Melo one bit but I appreciate that you put some thought into it.