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TOR-CLE (If Lebron Stays)

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  • TOR-CLE (If Lebron Stays)

    To TOR:
    Kevin Love
    Collin Sexton

    To CLE:
    Kyle Lowry
    Jakob Poeltl

    Would have to wait 30 days after Sexton's contract to be finalized.

    Both teams searching for a different look to increase their ceiling. Lowry is a perfect fit with Lebron, doesn't need high usage to be successful, plays good defense, is a better shooter than Love. Cleveland's spacing does get hurt a little bit, but Poeltl is a pretty good dive option for James, similar to Nance, and is a really good defensive center. May create an issue with too many centers for Cleveland with Thompson, Nance and Poeltl, none of which who can really play the 4. If Lebron's staying, Sexton will probably have to go to make the team better as he's not really in their window anymore.

    Love fits into that same 3 year window contract wise as Lowry did and Ibaka did, being under contract for this season. Probably makes the team worse from a talent perspective, but Love is a better version of Ibaka offensively, and Toronto has built in replacements for Lowry, including a doppelganger in FVV assuming they resign him. Love also means that Toronto can keep a very good rebounder on the floor at all times assuming they stagger him with JV. Plus, the big carrot in this is Sexton, who probably has a higher ceiling and a lower floor than Poeltl, which means the Raptors can make an attempt to have a better team this year, while still gaining pieces for the future rebuild.

    I think this is a great trade for the Raptors, and Cleveland will have to package Love and Sexton for SOMETHING if Lebron stays. They can probably do better than this package from other teams, but that's what I'd be there with if I'm the Raptors.
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