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  • Tor-nop

    Toronto out: Serge Ibaka, Norman Powell, Delon Wright, 2020, 2021, 2022 1st round picks (3 first round picks), cash consideration and second round picks

    Toronto in: Anthony Davis, Alexis Ajinca.

    We acquire a bonafide superstar in Davis if we want to go all in and make a push to the finals. I believe a lineup of
    Lowry, FVV, LBRown
    DGreen, CJ Miles
    KL, OG, MRichardson
    ADavis, PSiakam
    Val, GMonroe, AA

    should beat the lineup of Curry, KThompson, KDurant, DGreen, and DCousin. The Pelicans need a new change of scenery and will be in rebuild, why not give them two young pieces in Norm and Delon Wright along with a veteran of Serge Ibaka plus multiple draft picks. Question is, will Pelicans bite

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    What astonishes me isn't that these keep coming, but rather after about 1000 trade proposals tenforthewin still doesn't know some of the most basic rules about trades. Like you cannot trade picks in two consecutive years...this also applies to three consecutive years.

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      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA and all he ever does is post trades. omg.
      I still can't believe he's still on here
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