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    [SIZE="4"]There have been a lot of talks about Chris Bosh going to the Houston Rokcets. And since Evan Turner is likely going to the Sixers, Andre Iguodala MIGHT be available this upcoming summer. As of right now, in my opinion, the only team that can give Bryan Colangelo a good package for Chris Bosh are the Houston Rockets. With this in mind, they might just do a 3 team trade involving the Houston Rockets, the Philadelphia 76ers and the Toronto Raptors.

    This is just an idea I came up after seeing the Draft Lottery Last night.

    To Rockets:
    - Chris Bosh(via S&T:16M would be his starting salary on his new contarct since he can only take 30% of the team's cap)
    - Jose Calderon(9M next year)
    - Antoine Wright(via S&T: assuming he takes the minimum which i doubt he will)

    To 76ers:
    - Kevin Martin(11M next year)
    - Jared Jeffries(6.8M next year-expiring)
    - Marcus Banks(4.8M next year-expiring)
    - Demar DeRozan(2.5M next year-i doubt that Colangelo will give him up easily)
    - 14th pick in the Draft

    To Raptors:
    - Andre Iguodala(13.6M next year)
    - Samuel Dalembert(12.9M next year-expiring)
    - Jordan Hill(2.5M next year)
    - Kyle Lowry(via S&T: assuming he is sigend to the QO worth 3M a year)
    - Jodie Meeks(800K next year)

    Let me know what you think! /SIZE]

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    wow im sure this took alot of brain scratching... im not sure the 76ers would give up AI and Sammy for only kevin martin and derozan/jefferies... however it's a decent trade for us


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      it's pretty decent


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        And what exactly are you going to do with the one of the
        biggest egomaniacs in the league (Iguodala)?


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          I rather see what I have in derozan then take on AI whats the point we already know he cant carry a team why are soo many ppl willing to give up on derozan so easily did you guys really think he was goin to put up 16-20 points a game and be a huge factor on a potential playoff team COMEON MAN


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            This is one of the better trade proposals that I have seen on this board so far. However, I don't think 76er will do it. You change Dalembert with Brand and u have urself a deal my friend.


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              Do you guys feel that Calderon will be included in a Chris Bosh deal? and I really hope that we get a good wing player and good inside presence to complement Andrea Bargnani inside.


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                If Bosh leaves, then there is absolutely no reason to give DeRozan up for Iguodala. The reason for giving up DeRozan for Iguodala would be to win now, and with Bosh gone, that's not going to happen. Quite frankly, I'd rather try and get Hill, Ariza and maybe a draft pick in a trade with Houston and be done with it. Two young players and a draft pick is a good start to rebuilding.
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                  A reason to get Iguodala would be to play with Bosh; not be a part of the trade for him.

                  Iggy cannot be the main guy, he needs a sidekick (just like CB; therefore both together seems decent).