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Would you make this trade?

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  • Would you make this trade?

    After the latest loss, I feel an unreasonable amount of pessimism. If BC made the following trade I would be happy:

    Banks (or Evans), Belinelli, Calderon, Johnson, Weems

    (and this trade works).

    I do not think Houston would do it. It would be a great way for us to rebuild though, by giving us lots of capspace and a major player in the 2010 market. Plus we get to keep DeRozan who has shown flashes of promise.

    As the team stands now, can Bosh and Bargnani play solid team defence? No. Is Calderon the right pointguard for a team with weak interior defence? No. Maybe there are personnel issues here, not just better coaching and line shakeups needing.

    I hope I am not overstepping any boundaries by starting a new thread, especially on one of these fantasy GM topics (because they do have a tendency to get out of hand). Just curious to find out what others think about such a drastic measure.

    So, would you make the above trade? Anyone think the Rockets would?
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    Valid suggestions but how is this trade going to help the raptors this year? I do not think that BC will throw the towel in without some fight this year.


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      Help in the here and now? It doesn't. But you have two players in contract years (Bosh and McGrady) who have something to prove. You start Jack, McGrady, Hedo, Bosh, Evans/Rasho/Amir depending on who is traded) and pick up some cheap players from waivers or the D-League.

      This is a blowing-up-the-team scenario though - don't think I pose this thinking we will get better this year. It just gives us a lot of space to help build a team given that Hedo is on the books and Jack. Bosh could theoretically be re-signed, with about 15 mil capspace left over.
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        (deleted comment)
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          too early for calling the team to give up.

          Yes it was expected the Raptors will have a losing record by the end of the first month so that's not shocking.

          Lets take a look at some of the positives this month instead of the negatives:

          - Bosh still putting up big numbers.

          - Derozan is getting more comfortable out there.

          - Reggie will probably return in a few weeks or so.

          - Hedo is also getting more comfortable out there.

          - Improvement of Jarret Jack.

          - December is an easier month the Raptors should go 8-7 that month.


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            Hotshot wrote: View Post
            - Reggie will probably return in a few weeks or so.
            Something reeks of Eric Montross' injury from years ago with respect to Reggie. Something so minor at the time, which is slowly turning into something much bigger now. I'm going with my gut and I don't think we'll see Reggie until the New Year sometime.

            Hotshot wrote: View Post
            Hedo is also getting more comfortable out there.
            That concerns me the most right now. Outside of having a couple decent games, he's turning over the ball at an alarming rate. If that means he's "getting comfortable" then we have bigger issues ahead.

            Hotshot wrote: View Post
            December is an easier month the Raptors should go 8-7 that month.
            Schedule being easier doesn't equate wins necessarily. Not trying to be the local "Debbie Downer", but we've seen how this team responds when its opponents are considered "weaker". It's not particularly good. This week will be a good practice run with 2 games against the Wizards and one against Minny.


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              That is a cap space trade that would kill this years team and give the Raps nothing for next season. Cap space is a mugs game - teams are built via trade.

              And somehow I doubt Houston has 4 open roster spaces or plans to cut 4 players.
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                brothersteve wrote: View Post
                And somehow I doubt Houston has 4 open roster spaces or plans to cut 4 players.
                That is a very good point.

                What's Houston have? One open roster spot. The only player on their roster with small value to them appears to be Brian Cook. Plus you'd have McGrady leaving in the trade. All of the other Rockets players are fighting for long term roles with the team. They'd be reluctant to give up on any of them, particularly for the dead weight the Raps would be asking them to replace them with.