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Tayshaun Prince and Hedo Turkoglu

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  • Tayshaun Prince and Hedo Turkoglu

    Maybe this is the trade that might save Chris Bosh from leaving and maybe help us turn into a championship team. This is what I'm thinking there is 3 possible trades in my mind that will involve both are teams.

    Trade #1

    Toronto Gets:

    Detroit Gets:

    Trade #2

    Toronto Gets:
    2011 first round pick or Money to sign a player this year

    Detroit Gets:

    Trade #3

    Toronto Gets:
    Detroit's Pick

    Detroits Gets:
    and Our Pick

    Raptors Pluses
    This will work for both teams because we already have a people to make plays for AKA Calderon or (Mo Williams) and Jack and giving Hedo the ball makes things confusing because Jay Triano isn't very good with making plays with Point Forwards and is better with running the offense thought the Point Guards. While Tayshaun Prince is a 15 ppg and 5 rpg who can shoot and been named to the all defensive team 3 years straight from 2005 to 2008. While the draft pick gets us some good young prospect like Greg Monroe,Ed Davis or Patrick Patterson.

    Detroits Pluses
    They get a 6-10 Point guard who can also shoot the ball as well as distribute the ball making plays. They get our pick which means they get a 7 footer in Hassan Whiteside or a Strong Center in Daniel Orton since they need it. Also the get the hard working group of Rasho, Marco and Dorsey.

    Possible Raptors Line-Up

    C- Andrea Baragani/7th Pick/O-Bryant
    PF- Chris Bosh/ Amir Johnson/Evans
    SF- Tayshaun Prince/ Demar Derozan/ Jonas Jerbko
    SG-Sonny Weems/ Antoine Wright
    PG- Jarret Jack/ Mo Williams or Jose Calderon
    Trade 1
    Trade 2
    Trade 3

    The poll is expired.

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    Why the F would they give up the #7 and Jerebko for such utter shit? Come on now, let's be a little realistic. One for one would be fine, but the others just aren't gonna happen.
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      So your so saying just Hedo for prince.


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        Jarebko will be better than Prince starting next season. Jarebko is a really good player. In fact at this point he is better than Johnson without question.
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          yea lol non of these trades with the pistons will happen...

          for one they are already screwed up in their own salary cap. They signed BG7 and Charlie V for around 10 milloin each and they havent produced. ALso, every one of their starters are signed to crazy deals except for Stuckey. It just doesnt make sense for them to go after an aging, over paid vetern when they already have that.


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            really ambitious? no, crazy, just crazy lol

            dont think about the trade working for the raptors, think of it working for the pistons