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  • Raptors Trade Proposal

    hey guys
    this is my first post here so please be nice. ive been reading all the news articles and comments about the raptors for a couple of years and have a few ideas.

    heres my idea for the 2010-2011 raptors

    -resign amir to 4.5 million/year for 3-4 years

    trade #1

    To Orlando: Turkoglu
    To Toronto: Gortat and Pietrus

    Otis has gone on record saying he has been in contact with Toronto so obviously they miss Turk. Orlando gets back Turk, we get a real centre in Gortat and decent SF in Pietrus. Salaries are similar but both Gortat and Pietrus are a bit overpaid IMO. Orlando doesn't need Gortat anymore since they drafted Orton, who can play the 15 mins a game for them behind Howard (Gortat averaged 13 mins this season).

    trade #2
    To Detroit: Calderon
    To Toronto: Prince

    Detroit needs a point guard who can create plays and Calderon is one of the best. It has been widely known that Dumars wants Prince and Rip out. So why not get Prince, he fills a hole and is expiring contract so why nto try it out. Calderon will help the young guys on Detroit with his passing and make it easier for them coming into the league. Prince is also a defensive guy which Sonny and Demar can learn alot from.

    trade #3
    To New Orleans: Evans, Banks, 1st round pick (hopefully from Bosh S&T, not our own), and cash
    To Toronto: collison and stojakovic

    The only slight problem i see here is NO. They might not want to give collison up for expiring contracts BUT if we take Peja contract, they might think about it because they save about 5 million this year. Since NO is about to switch owners, the current owners will go into cost cutting mode and therefore want to save every penny. To sweeten the deal, I said give them a 1st round pick from whoever Bosh signs with, which I think is resonable because we will likely get one. and cash is always good for a team trying to save money. Plus they get a servicable back up PG in marcus banks and PF in Reggie evans. We get our point guard of the future and peja is a servicable (albeit wayyyy overpaid) SF.


    PG:Collison, Jack, Belli
    SG: Derozan, Weems
    SF:Prince, Pietrus, Peja
    C: Gortat, Amir, Alabi
    PF: Bargs, Davis, Dorsey

    Collison, Derozan, Weems, Bargs can all grow together and develop. I'd be willing to take a chance on Gortat as our starting centre if Dallas was willing to. The problem here is we have alot of dept at SF (approximately 30 million) but Prince's and Peja's contract expire after next season, leaving us with around 25 million in cap space. The total salary for the raptors 2010-2011 is around 65-70 million, which is about the same as last year. Also, even if Gortat does not do well as a starting centre, hes learned alot from howard that he can teach alabi and amir. However, this gives us alot of options on offence and defence.

    Offence: we can go big (bargs, gortat) or small (davis, amir). we have shooters (Peja, Bargs, Prince), post players (amir, alabi, dorsey) and slashers (Weems and Derozan).

    Defence: we have people who can protect the paint.

    I think this team would be really fun to watch. Oh and the best thing about this team is that they will work hard in games and practice with alabi, weems, derozan, amir, davis all pushing each other to be better. What do you guys think?
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    I think many ppl are thinking the same as you about the Gortat/Bass + Pietrus for Hedo. It would be great for us to get a big defensive/rebounding center in Gortat, while Orlando likely wouldn't miss either of the players coming over.

    I'm not sure that either of the other two trades would happen. Calderon for Prince is a steal for the Raps because Calderon has a long-term contract, while Prince's is expiring. It would make more sense for Dumars to hold onto Prince to make some cap room for the following year.

    As for the third trade, I don't think there's any chance that NO donates Collison for that package. It would probably have to include a guy like DeRozan in order for them to bite on that. I would be extremely happy if the last two deals did happen however!


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      Welcome Eric. That wasnt too bad. I am sure some variable of the Magic deal you propose might have been discussed (Bass or Anderson could have been a couple of more). As you I see the NO part a bit problematic from NO's viewpoint. They might want a cheaper serviceable contract in addition (like Weems) and I like Collison. Gortat is a bit overpaid and imo not a starting centre.

      What I like best about the makeover is that the character and defense issues get addressed.


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        well the only reason I see NO doing this deal is because it saves money. Period. they do get a 1st rounder from us (but not ours) which i think makes it more appealing and we do take on the biggest contract they have in pejas contract off of their hands, which i've been reading alot of articles saying that if someone takes okafors, pejas or poseys contract off their hands, they will give them collison. in this package, they save a ton of money even taking on reggie and banks expiring contract, they move out a bad bad contract in peja, they get a 1st rounder which can be used to get talent, AND they get cash.
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          I really like the first one and it's the most probable trade that can happen. Gortat and Pietrus were good role players in Orlando last season but weren't stars. So giving up Gortat and Pietrus might be low risk for them. And for us, we get a centre that'll rebound and defend and block shots, and we don't really need him to score at least 15 a night because we all know Andrea Bargnani will get more looks and touches next season. Also having Pietrus as a BACKUP wing is nice to have next season.


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            1) Getting Orton doesn't mean they no longer need Gortat. Orton hasn't even played a single minute NBA yet and is a big if at the moment, given how little he has played over the last two years. If Orlando tries for Turkoglu, it would likely be with Bass + filler, since Bass actually has been expendable since last year.

            2) Don't really see Detroit going for this one. Calderon is a pretty big contract for a team that is nowhere near contention.

            3) This deal doesn't work. A big reason why we're swapping expiring contracts and New Orleans is actually saving that much money is because the salaries do not match. Toronto would have to add a bunch more salary, thus decreasing New Orleans' desire to make this trade with us.


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              I like the ideas!

              I think Collison, Posey and Okefor would be a better trade for Turk, Evans, and Banks. We free them up big time! We would still have Calderon or Jack to move. We would have extra money from loosing Bosh to sign a high priced Small Forward (maybe Rudy Gay).

              Or maybe a sign and trade for Deng.

              Or try to pry away Gerald Wallace from the Bobcats, our defense would be vastly improved

              Rudy Gay or Deng or Gerald Wallace ????

              Jack or Calderon
              Ed Davis

              Thats a pretty solid team!
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