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3-Team Trade: TOR-MIL-CHA

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  • 3-Team Trade: TOR-MIL-CHA

    To Toronto: Corey Maggette (10M next year)

    To Milwaukee: Boris Diaw (9M next year)

    To Charlotte: Jose Calderon (9M next year)

    Why do this trade? Well for one, I've read that in some articles that CHA is still interested in Calderon and they may be willing to give up Diaw to do so, just like what almost happened in July. For Milwaukee's standpoint, the reason they got Maggette was because they thought they might lose John Salmons through Free Agency. Now that John Salmons is signed with them long-term, they have a bit of a log jam on the wing, having Douglas-Roberts, Delfino, Salmons, Mbah-A-Moute getting the burn and much more of a log jam will happen when Michael Redd comes back. Only having Gooden and the rookie Sanders backing up Bogut and Ilyasova might not sound good so adding Diaw to their front line may be a good thing.

    Edit: Also, i forgot to mention that Maggette can not be traded until August 22, 2010; which is 60 days after he got traded to Milwaukee. :P