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It's time to bring AI

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  • It's time to bring AI

    Ladies and Gentleman. i think its time to bring in A.Iguodala in TO
    I'd give philly whatever the want except (rap's first round pick , barg an davis ) yes even derozan

    anybody can go from my point of view..the only problem is the would probably want to give u elton brand but if we could get iguodala i'd do it no question asked

    What do you think.

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    I think they're looking for cap relief and as such the price would probably be Peja.


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      AI = not worth it.


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        A.I is 5 years older then Demar and is in his prime, what other pieces are you going to surround him with in order to ensure the Raptors are going to be competitive for a championship in 3 seasons before he completley lose all his skills?! (A.I relys heavily on his athleticism due to not having a jumpshot and athleticism is always the first to go which is why Ray Allen is one of the best shooters of all time's and at the age of 35 can still hack it in this league as a SG).