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  • Bargnani for Stephen Jackson

    Does anybody else think that Captain Jack would be the perfect guy for the Raptors to get in a trade for Bargs?

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    Nope. Disagree. Alot.


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      I don't think I could convey just how much I don't like that idea.
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        Tim W. wrote: View Post
        I don't think I could convey just how much I don't like that idea.
        The very fact you would keep Bargnani rather than do the trade speaks VOLUMES of how much you do not like the idea given your prior Bargnani discussions. I'm pleasantly surprised.


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          I've always been a sjax fan, but no. Respectfully.


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            That trade would counter-act what the raptors have been trying to do, and isn't even close to being worth it.


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              And Toronto get NOLA first rounder this year.


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                e2thed wrote: View Post

                And Toronto get NOLA first rounder this year.
                I saw you post this in the Bargs thread and countered with this:
                What does not show is Barbosa included in going to Houston.

                Houston: Barbosa, Q. Pondexter. Barbosa can be bench spark plug that fits with their system (expect that will change with a new coach) so team, Pondexter has some solid potential. They may force Thabeet into this as word is they will resign Yao (for a lot less) and look at bringing in Dalembert.

                NOLA: Bargnani, Chase Budinger Scoring with Bargnani as West is likely opting out.

                Toronto: Trevor Ariza, Courtney Lee. Ariza is a 3pt shooting/slashing defensive SF, Courtney Lee is a solid backup SG who can also shoot the 3.

                (maybe this is without Budinger/Pondexter)

                Draft: KIrving (if miss out then go Kanter)

                PG: KIrving(4), Bayless(3), Calderon(9.8)
                SG: Derozan(2.6), CLee(1.4)
                SF: TAriza(6.8), JJ(1.8), Kleiza(4.6)
                PF: ED(2), Amir(5.5)
                C: Free Agent, Secondary FA, Alabi(.8)

                Salaries are $42.3M leaving $$ to go after DJordan/MGasol/TChandler, 3rd string SG like KAzubuike or DCook, or even Weems, but prefer the 1st 2 for their 3pt shooting but Lee can fill this need, and a backup C. If you really want Thabeet can still do a TPE for him, assuming he isn't forced into the trade by Houston.

                Also both Bayless and Calderon become trade options (one of them goes not both unless a serviceable backup comes in return).
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                  I like the idea a lot, but have a couple issues. 1. Ariza. Good player, solid defender and slasher. Only issue is he's a little too much of a wild card. He's the type of dude who's best suited for a veteran team where he'd fall into place. I worry how he'd affect a young raptor locker room. Id prefer to get Budinger, a cerebral 3 point shooter who'd be perfect off the bench with JJ. 2. PG glut. Can't have all three, especially salary wise. I'm assuming you'd flip Bayless or (preferably) Calderon?


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                    Yes as I said one og the PGs would have to go to alleviate more money or bring back bench options.

                    I like Ariza and I think he would fit in and grow well. He also has playoff and championship experience.