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    Matt52 wrote: View Post
    I've been thinking about trade scenarios regarding Calderon and Barbosa a lot.... I mean a lot. Like when my wife asks, "What are you thinking about?" as I drift off in to space and I say, "Uh, nothing?" I'm thinking about trading Calderon and Barbosa.

    I think this might be my definitive final answer to trading them both with an eye to the future with cap space, financial flexibility, and acquiring assets.

    Two trades would be required to make it work and would have to happen after March 1st with the Lakers clearly out of the running for Dwight Howard:

    Trade 1:

    ATL: Barbosa, Gray
    TOR: Morris, 2012 1st round pick from the Hawks or 2 2012 2nd round picks from the Hawks (ATL & PHX)
    LAL: Kirk Hinrich

    Trade 2:

    LAL: Calderon
    TOR: Hinrich, 2012 1st round pick from LAL (one of DAL or LAL)

    The second trade on the trade machine link has Atlanta but that is to only show that the trade does satisfy the number requirements of the CBA. Essentially, the Lakers immediately send Hinrich to Toronto for Calderon. Remember individual players can be traded on their own an infinite number of times which is why Q. Richardson was traded 5 or 6 times in the summer of 2010.

    Both trades combined (i.e. looking at the final result) would look like this:

    ATL: Barbosa, Gray
    LAL: Calderon
    TOR: Morris, Hinrich, 1st round pick or 2 2nd round picks from Hawks in 2012, 1st round pick from Lakers in 2012

    Why would teams do this?

    Atlanta gets a Jamal Crawford replacement. They are thin on C's (Horford injury and Collins leaves them with just Pachulia) and Gray has shown he can play productive minutes. Both are expiring contracts so it leaves the Hawks with flexibility moving forward.

    The Lakers get a solution to their biggest problem: no PG. It only helps that his presence might help Pau Gasol's play due to the history.

    Toronto gets financial flexibility, a young prospect at PG with great size and known as a 'pass first' PG. Here is what had to say about him last year leading in to the draft:

    The increased cap space would allow the Raptors to entertain the idea of signing Wilson Chandler. Also, the addition of multiple draft picks come draft night (2 or 3 first round picks and 1 or 3 second round picks) and a roster with a starting SG/SF in Wilson Chandler would allow the Raptors to entertain the idea of including other assets (WC, DeMar, ED, Amir, JJ, own draft pick) in a package to acquire a true difference maker. Then, come the off season, I would be looking to re-sign both Barbosa and Gray as they are both UFA's this summer.

    Personally, I really like the above. It is never easy to let go of players who have been on your team for a long time but, at the end of the day, there has not been a lot of success with those pieces during their time in Toronto.
    I like this and should be solving issues for all three teams.


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      Hawks need help

      One week ago, the Hawks won a game by 23 points in Toronto. They went 4-1 on a road trip — their most successful trip in 43 years — and held one of the best records in the NBA at 16-6.

      Then the team came home, and it was like watching Sybil change personalities.

      The Hawks lost to the 9-14 Phoenix Suns, 99-90, on Monday night at Philips Arena. That makes three straight home losses to Memphis, Philadelphia and Phoenix. They’ve trailed by 20-plus points in all three games.

      The one thread in the three losses has been a mixed effort.

      There are several reasons why this may have happened. The most obvious: Being undersized without two centers, Al Horford (potentially out for the season) and Jason Collins (sidelined for two weeks), has led to physical fatigue, which has led to mental fatigue.

      Players are not nearly as aggressive as they were earlier in the season. They’re not sharing the ball as much. They’ve probably has lost some confidence.

      “We didn’t respnd well to their runs,” coach Larry Drew said after the Phoenix game. “I just don’t see how we can respond as if the game’s over.”

      Here’s what has become obvious: This team needs some help.

      General manager Rick Sund’s ability to make a trade is hamstrung by payroll issues. Any significant acquisition would put the Hawks into a tax situation, and there’s no indication that ownership is willing to pay that premium. But Sund can’t afford to sit back and do nothing, but to assume these problems are just going away is a dangerous game.

      The Hawks were just starting to get some deserved attention. But after three straight flat performances at home, they’re threatening to slip off the landscape again.

      On that note: pitchers and catchers report in two weeks.

      I’ll have more on this tomorrow after speaking to Drew, Sund and some players. But I wanted to get your early thoughts on this team.

      The floor is yours.

      Someone needs to send my trade above to Sund.


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        Via @HawksPRGuy,

        The #Hawks have signed C Erick Dampier to a 10-day contract. #NBA

        I don't think a 36 year old Dampier is going to cut it for Atlanta. I hope they see my trade above.