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  • Possible Draft Day Trades

    It's Hoopsworld so take it with a grain of salt but the players brought up are certainly intriguing. What player(s) would you prefer out of the ones Stephen Brotherston brings up?

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    If Chicago is willing to take back a lottery pick, a young player and cap space for Deng’s $13.3 million salary, Toronto could accommodate them. The Bulls have some tough decisions to make.
    I don't know how realistic this is, but Deng would be a nice piece... a real nice piece!
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      I don't see the point in speculating on trades before the trade lottery. I'd be a little hesitant about Deng because of his involvement in the Olympics and the impending wrist surgery. 2012-13 has to be an all hands on deck season after the injury blight this past season, especially after the musings about reaching the playoffs next year.


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        Rudy Gay would be my top target, as he is a wing who can excel at both ends of the court. I'd also like a S&T for Mayo, should Memphis opt to keep Gay and let Mayo go (but doesn't make as much sense financially for them).

        Smith would be good too, as long as he can play SF.

        Harden is a good player, but I think he's a little overrated and expect OKC would expect much more value in return than Memphis/Atlanta would for Gay/Smith.

        I like Deng, but he's getting old and is far too injury-prone for my liking.

        Chandler from Denver is another possible option that I wouldn't mind BC exploring. He's fit into the Barbosa TPE quite nicely, ahead of July 1st.


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          Sorry guys, moving it to the trade proposal section of the forum.


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            - Bargnani for Josh smith: make it happen! with our glut of PF's josh smith has the versatility and star power to help out the raptors, whether it be at small forward or power forward.

            - luol deng: meh, a good/mediocre player I wouldn't be willing to break the bank for.

            -oj mayo: unless he can eventually transition into playing point guard for the aging caldy (which imo doesn't seem likely) I don't want any part of him. Might be worth the gamble though....


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              Ugghhhhh Deng


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                The Coach wrote: View Post
                I don't know how realistic this is, but Deng would be a nice piece... a real nice piece!
                The odds are your pick will end up being as good as Deng, so why pay extra 10 mil (diff between Deng's & pick's salary) plus give up another young player.


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                  No to Deng and Mayo. Smith is intriguing if he can be a legit Small Forward, Gay makes too much money, but he would be nice. Harden would be great, but I would move DeMAr out of town if we got him, say no to Derozan at the 3 spot.
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                    Toronto trade Andrea Bargnani + 8th pick + JJ Johnson + Jose Calderon
                    Atlanta trade Josh Smith + Marvin Williams + 21st round pick + 2nd round pick (PHX)

                    We can package two 2nd round pick for a mid-late 1st round pick (Dion Waiters)

                    Toronto draft Marquis Teague (21st round pick from Atlanta)
                    Toronto draft Jae Crowder (2nd round pick)

                    Nash or Lin or Lowry/Bayless/Teague

                    Why Toronto: We get a veteran proven allstar PF in Josh Smith, along with a veteran unproven SF in M.Williams (at this point, i would take M.Williams over H.Barnes), perhaps a change of scenery can really start his career. DeRozan along with J.Smith can be a terrific dynamic duo for years to come. With our picks, Waiters can backup DeRozan since he's a terrific shooter and would flourish in Casey's system. We get an enigmatic player in Jae Crowder, possibly a fan favorite since JYD days as a Raps, terrific locker room guy. Marquis Teague, is a steal for the Raptors at 21st pick, he could come off the bench for one of our key signings of a PG this Fall or as a 3rd stringer PG behind Bayless (that all depends who we get as our starting caliber PG - finger crossed, let it be Steve Nash).


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                        double no


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