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    Toronto trade Andrea Bargnani + Calderon + 2nd round (37th pick) to the Wizards for their pick + Andre Blatche (amnesty him or waived) + Jan Vesly
    Toronto drafts MKG with Wizards pick and PJ3 with our 8th pick, we solve the SF and future PF with the picks. Then sign Steve Nash and Jason Terry in the offseason

    Nash/Bayless/2nd round pick (Machado)
    MKG/JJ Johnson/Kleiza/J.Vesly (eventually will replace Kleiza when he's traded for a backup C)

    In time, I think PJIII will turn into a mix between Bosh and KG, let's hope he's a little bit better than A.Randolph, a scoring big who runs the floor like a PG, he would pair well with Valanciunas. We have an explosive athletic team with good scoring off the bench from Bayless and Terry. JJ Johnson can go for 6th man.

    The Wizards will improve tremendously with Andrea Bargnani as their starting PF, he would pair well with John Wall and Nene or have him come off the bench for Blatche but i think they may move both Blatche and R.Lewis for a better quality SF (Gay, Batum, G.Wallace). I hope the Wizards GM pull the trigger as in he won't think T.Robinson or A.Drummond are on the same level as Bargnani.
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    pj3 couldn't play the 4 well enough in college and is spending all his time trying to convince people he is a 3. he will never have 10% of the effort that kg has or the heart. vesely is never going to be anything in my opinion.

    we would be doing washington a massive favour by taking blatche.
    aside from a 38 year old nash no one on this team can shoot.

    i think you get too ambitious with a lot of these moves. we don't really need an entire team change we need tweaks and support while we wait for an allstar. this gets us further away from that then we are right now at the expense of our 2 best players.


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      I think the Wiz may consider Bargnani + 8 for 3 and scraps if your lucky, I could handle essentially Bargs for T Rob though.


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        Not again... The team full of rookies - Valanciunas, MKG and PJIII, not gonna happen I think we should stop planning all offseason scenario, because it's just unpredictable. You can try to predict one BC's move, but not all his job in summer... All these posts like we should trade player x to y then draft z and sign player q and amnesty player o and we have brand new roster with one-two players from the last year... Do you really believe it is possible?
        (Sorry for poor English )