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    Midseason trade

    Toronto trade Calderon, Bargs, Fields
    Toronto receives JJ Reddick, Markieff Morris, Michael Beasly

    Phoenix trade Channing Frye, Markieff Morris, Michael Beasly
    Phoenix receives Bargs, Fields, Hedo Turkolu, Christian Eyenga

    Orlando trade JJ Reddick, Hedo Turkolu, Christian Eyenga
    Orlando receives Calderon, Channing Frye

    Why Raps: The Raps get a legitimate scorer in JJ Reddick in exchange for veteran Calderon, Reddick can play the 1 and 2. Beasly will be a terrific 3 for us if he gets in shape like how he used to back when he played for the Wolves two years ago. Morris is a downgrade over Bargs but he has potential, he and Davis will battle for the starting PF for this team and possibly Morris will win and become a cornerstone for the Raps to build upon.

    Why Suns: They get Bargs who could provide the team with more offense, Fields will solidify the 2 spot while Turkolu, a key veteran for the 3 spot.

    Why Magic: They get Calderon, a decent veteran PG behind Nelson and Frye, who could start the team at the 5 spot over Vucevic.

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    I don't like it.
    First of all, we give up the most talent in Bargnani, and arguably the third best talent in Calderon. A trade that we initiate should not see us giving up the better player. Beasley is a historically proven bad attitude. Does Casey need a rotten egg to come in and ruin what he's building here?

    Also, I don't believe that Phoenix is in a stage where they're looking to add a bunch of high salary, mid talent players (is anyone EVER in that stage?)

    Not loving this one


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      I hate this trade for the raps. No one were getting is even close to Bargs talent.


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        I see what you did here.

        Most proposed trades grossly overestimate the value of our players but not you, oh no, not you.

        Michael Beasley A poster boy for troublemakers and a player whose role has diminished in his young career. It's not a good sign and I would never trade for a guy like him.

        Markieff MorrisWill he be better than Ed Davis? I like Ed better but I admit this one is tough for me to call. But I am comparing him to Ed Davis, our 4th big, not Andrea Bargnani.

        J.J. Redick An excellent 3-point shooter but not a starter-quality player. Isn't Terrence Ross supposed to be a shooter and be our backup SG? I don't see how Redick could play a significant role on the Raptors this year.

        No thanks, we have enough bench players as it is.