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  • New Forum For Trade Talk?

    I posted this in another thread before I noticed the suggestions section ... better to put it here
    I think it would be a great idea to create a separate forum for trade ideas + trade rumours. Like the "Everything Raptors" forum and the "Let's NBA" and "Raptors Game Day" forums.

    So people who are interested in them can check them out there or avoid that forum if they aren't.

    It'll also stop the Raptors area becoming clogged down by trade idea/rumours discussion down the road.

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    Or, I could sticky a "Trade Ideas & Rumours" thread in the "Everything Raptors" sub-forum Dave? I'm not sure creating a forum entirely for trades is needed, because how often would one propose trades?

    Anyhow, I have no problems doing either, so if you think creating another forum would be good I can do so.


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      Hey Dave, I went ahead a created a sub-forum in the "Everything Raptors" forum for trade proposals. Link: Click here

      For actual trade rumours, if they are legit I think we can still considering them news and share in the "Everything Raptors" forum.

      Let me know if that's OK with you or if you'd like me to make any other changes.



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        Excellent -- that will do perfectly -- From past experience, I think it's better for the Raptors related talk to keep that separate. Generates a more focused discussion on happenings around the team. More talk on basketball rather than what this player is worth on trade market, and that player is worth, and would this team do that or this and so forth.

        I'd put nearly all trade rumours from the media (strong rumours which may actually happen, I'd put them in the Raps forum) in the trade talk forum too but whatever you feel works best yourself.

        As more users join the forums + as the Raptors continue to disappoint and frustrate ... I'd expect to see a good uptick of the level of trade chatter (demands!) from Raps fans.