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  • Welcome Apollo To The RR Forum Team

    Just wanted to make a quick anouncement to members of the forums here that Apollo has accepted the promotion to Raptors Republic Moderator to help out with things on our new forums. My time is limited during the week days (hence why I haven't been that active during daytime hours lately) so we were looking to add some new staff members to help with the flow and activity of the forums while also being available incase moderation is required. I've had the pleasure of getting to know Apollo for a couple years now and felt that he was the perfect candidate for promotion here and definitely someone we can depend on here too. (When time permits though) lol

    I will be looking to add more members to the RR team come the New Year. I have spoken to a few members already about this opportunity, but if this is something that you perhaps might be interested in taking on once the forums get busier please send me a PM to discuss the possibility.

    So, please help me welcome and congratulate Apollo to the Raptors Republic team.

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    Good job Apollo. He truely deserves this promotion. :dancing:
    Last name ever, first name greatest


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      Alright. Welcome.


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        Welcome aboard, hombre!
        RR OG


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          Thanks everybody. Glad to be aboard.


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            Haze aka Dutches
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