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    Is there any way you can take the Bleacher Report off of this site completely? as in off of the latest news, sources and general RSS feeds. I've been reading their stuff lately, and it is completely filled with run-on sentences, grammatical errors, player ID errors, and general bad reporting overall. I think many of the people on this site will agree...Any chance of knocking it out?

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    i'm a raiders fan and the bleacher reports for raiders stuff is always mind numbing. i've never bothered with the raptors ones. i support this thread.


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      I agree, it's crackpot journalism at it's best. Any hack can write there.


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        Location, location, location.

        Guys, you need to start posting things in the appropriate place. I've been having to move a lot of threads lately. Trades go on the trade board, NBA topics that have nothing to do with the Raptors go on the NBA board and comments and suggestion go in "RR Forums Questions, Suggestions or Feedback". I don't mean to be preachy but this apparently needs to be said.

        This thread has now been moved to the appropriate location.


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          Bleacher Report is painful -- bad trade ideas, fake news with no sources...please no more! Do those writers get paid or is it just a free for all? I tried to figure it out the other day and came out of it with a headache. I don't know how you guys select RSS feeds but I hope more people support this thread. Enough with Bleacher Report.


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            bleacher report is the equivalent of reading fourth graders book reports if they were reading books that were well out of their ballpark.

            like a 10 year old writing a book report on "Anna Karenina"