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Much thanks for this great community

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  • Much thanks for this great community

    Hey Everyone,

    I just wanted to let you all know that I have stepped down as Admin here at Raptors Republic Forum. I'd like to thank Doc for inviting me to come here years ago and giving me the freedom to push this community to a level I've always wanted from sports forums I've frequented in the past. I feel this is the best online community I've ever encountered. You're all great and I hope I helped to make your experience here one that was fun and relaxed.

    I'll still be around here, you just won't see me as much. I'll still stay on as commish of some of the fantasy sports leagues here at RR but I thank Joey and Soft Euro for stepping up in the hoops leagues as those require much more attention due to their complexity.

    Anyway, that's about all I have to say. Break out the salami and cheese, this one is over.


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    Thanks a lot to the great contributions Apollo! Surely will be missed! It'll be the same change with Matt, no more colour! Best wishes!
    Twitter: @ReubenJRD NBA, Raptors writer for Daily Hive Vancouver, Toronto.


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      Sorry to see you go Apollo, but if time permits and you want your gig back, let me know.

      Thanks for all your help over the last couple years and we'll hopefully continue to see you from time to time.

      Cheers buddy.


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        You did some great work here as a moderator. Lots of great thread ideas, and posts. Will be missed for sure.


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          Clearly I'm not paying these guys enough. If anymore staff step down, I'm closing the forums and forcing everyone to move to the RealGM. No questions asked.


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            All the best moving forward Apollo.

            Let's give the man a deserved round of applause everyone.

            Come back and celebrate with us once Bargnani is gone!

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              Say it ain't so, well Apollo, man you will be missed. All the moderators of this forum are highly valued and bring something good to the table in discussions/posts, new info etc.

              This video best describes the initial reaction to the news.



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                Well I'm sad to hear this, hope to see you back brother.


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                  He's only slowing down so the rest of us can catch up to his insane 10,500 posts. Hah

                  The Republic is a better place because of you, Sir. *Salute*


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                    Thanks for the work, the caring and the attitude. Definite all-star, as well as a great locker room presence...and a good interview too.


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                      All the best Apollo... don't be a stranger!


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                        How did I miss this?

                        Enjoy the family, Apollo!