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    It's dead, Jim.


    • The problem with Star Wars is that the entire story was told in the first three movies. Maybe the prequels could have worked better but there's a reason they brought back all the old characters for the first of the new movies: there isn't any "there" there without them. If you do something entirely different, you're just making a sci-fi space movie and Disney didn't pay billions to get the rights to make space movies....


      • I think the problem is that they had a blueprint handed to them by George Lucas and they opted to instead make it all up on the fly with two different directors who never met in the beginning to ensure continuity.


        • It's so weird but I really have no desire to watch this third movie. That last movie was pretty bad. I wish Lucas was still involved but when you're getting a billion dollars for your work, you're obligated to step away.

          I'll end up watching it when it comes out of the theaters.. unless I get free tickets, and I have nothing else to do.

          They'll make a boat load of money though, and create a part 10, 11 and 12 sometime in the future. Or a prequel to the prequels. Because why not right?


          • So I went to see the new Star Wars film. It was better than the last one but still a disappointment. It's going to take some impressive names to bring me back to the well again. At least there's The Mandalorian...


            • Ya, Rise of Skywalker was "Meh". Felt completely empty. I didn't hate it, and Kylo is still one of favourite SW characters ever, but ya ... Meh.


              • I liked the new one but not as much The Last Jedi. Just a bit overstuffed and self-aware, but lots of goodies in there. Fans seem to like it a lot more than the critics do.

                Happy the saga is over though, looking forward to what Disney does next with the franchise.
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                • Apollo wrote: View Post
                  I think the problem is that they had a blueprint handed to them by George Lucas and they opted to instead make it all up on the fly with two different directors who never met in the beginning to ensure continuity.
                  That didn't help. The new movie was fine but I also thought the first two new movies were fine (and I also thought Solo was fine) and I'm not a huge Star Wars guy anyway. I did think these were better than the prequel movies, which were objectively terrible.


                  • Anybody watch Don't F**k With Cats yet? What a truly disturbing story about the whole Luka Magnotta case from a few years back. That person is a absolute psycho!

                    The weirdest part is the picture where they figured out the building he was staying in in Etobicoke, is the same building my friends lived in in the late 90's up til the mid-2000's. I was there every single weekend and it could have even been the same exact apartment where he took the pics. Very eerie, glad he wasn't there when i was.
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                    • I figured I'd share my top 10 of the decade as we move into the 2020s (feels crazy just writing that. We've already passed Blade Runner times. Freaky.) For this list, I took into account both quality and entertainment value, but also in some cases, I picked movies that I felt really captured the "essence" of the decade.

                      1. Blade Runner 2049 - 2017

                      I've talked at length about this one on this forum before. Needless to say, Fancher and Green have written what I consider to be the greatest screenplay of all time with this one. Everything about it is perfect. Of course, Denis Villeneuve elevated the material to such an impressive level. Developing themes from the previous movie and at the same time introducing new ideas, this movie just does it for me.

                      2. Under the Skin - 2013

                      Glazier has created a movie that I feel so universally captures what it means to be alive, to feel, to interact with others, and to experience this world we live in. The documentary-style scenes with ScarJo are eerie, and without spoiling, what she does to the men she lures is truly disturbing.

                      3. A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night - 2014

                      This one is under-seen and underappreciated. It's a neo-western take on the vampire genre and it felt so fresh and exciting. A simple love story executed to perfection with brilliant direction from Ana-Lilly Amirpour. One scene, in particular, was so captivating to me, I had to watch it over and over again. It's black and white and most of it is in Iranian, but I still recommend it to anyone.

                      4. Inside Llewyn Davis - 2013

                      One of many Coen masterpieces. This, to me, is the Coens at their best. So much character, so much honesty to the pre-Dylan folk scene in New York. Oscar Isaac pulls off the singing and acting double that so many talented actors simply can't manage. Great original music and John Goodman's character is so much fun.

                      5. The Master - 2012

                      Paul Thomas Anderson is the greatest living director. The Master offers such a compelling story about this platonic, familial relationship between two lost souls. Obviously Phoenix and Seymour-Hoffman are at their best here, and PTA gives them so much rich material to work with in one of his best screenplays in a career filled to the brim with incredible screenplays.

                      6. First Reformed - 2017

                      Paul Schrader's modern taxi-driver in the form of Ethan Hawke dealing with existential dread as a struggling priest. This film captures the zeitgeist of the 2010s so well, and it's one that really left its mark on me.

                      7. A Ghost Story - 2017

                      This one is somewhat controversial. I found this movie to be so profound and so emotionally gripping. A few iconic moments including a very long scene in which Rooney Mara eats pie, an incredible soliloquy, and a harrowing original song epitomizing the emotions brought on by the film, all conveyed in subtly beautiful cinematography with a 4:3 aspect ratio. Brilliant.

                      8. Parasite - 2019

                      Bong-Joon Ho's masterpiece. Simply a lot of fun, really great performances, really funny sequences, deeply affecting ideas are presented. Looking at the difference between wealth and poverty, the relationship between the two and the inherent struggle between classes. Love it.

                      9. Under the Silver Lake - 2019 (Technically 2018 but it was a limited festival run. Basically no theatrical release.)

                      This one got buried by A24. David-Robert Mitchell's follow up to It Follows (see what I did there?) is wide in scope, ambitious, and, for me at least, the most fun out of any movie this decade. Andrew Garfield's performance is great here. As First Reformed does, this film PERFECTLY captures the culture of this decade. We'll look back at this one as the 2010s movie.

                      10. The VVitch - 2015

                      I found it pretty hard to choose the last one. A few films were in consideration including Spike Jonze's Her, Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim, and even Robert Eggers' other film the Lighthouse. I went with the Witch because it was really creepy. Lol.

                      Excited for what's to come this decade.


                      • I've only seen 3 of those movies Maury. I find it hard to rank movies across genre's. Like comparing a good Horror to a good Comedy. I find you need to be in a certain mood to watch a certain type of film.

                        Here are a bunch of movies I enjoyed, not really ranked but by genre:

                        Best action movie was probably John Wick. The sequels were a downer, but the original has already become a master piece. Reminiscent of the first Die Hard. I also really enjoyed Edge of Tomorrow too. Came into that one thinking it would suck. Tom Cruise has made a lot of movies, and that might be my favourite Cruise film of all time. Well probably not. A Few Good Men is probably still #1. But that's mainly because of Jack Nicholson though.

                        Best super hero movie was probably Logan. I liked Man of Steel a lot, and it's up there. But Logan was just really good. Enjoyed the first Avengers as well, but it's not a "go to" movie for me anymore. The first Guardians of the Galaxy movie was great too. Deadpool was hilarious but I can only take so much Ryan Reynold before I have to turn him off.

                        Best comedy is tough. Kind of a bad decade for good comedy movies. One I can think of was Popstar. That made me laugh. Another interesting one was Paddington 2. Check that out if you haven't. Family film but really good. Silver Linings Playbook was good too. Not sure if it's a comedy or not, but will add that here. Goon was great. Another funny dumb comedy was Hot Tub Time Machine. One of the funniest scenes in a comedy was in Ted when Ted and Mark Wahlburger's character fight. I was losing it during that scene. We need a new comedy genius to emerge in 2020. A lot of the good ones are getting old/stale.

                        Best horror was probably The Conjuring. It was spooky good, without too much gore. I also liked A Quiet Place. The Witch was good too. Cabin in the Woods was more comedy than horror but I guess it fits here. Not a Stephen King fan, but I enjoyed It quite a bit. Also enjoyed The Ritual. The Insidious franchise was fun as well. I like the spooky, super natural type of horror and they had a lot of that in there. At least in the first two movies.

                        Drama is the toughest category. I really liked Hugh Jackman's Prisoners. Perks of Being a Wallflower was good too. Spotlight was great. Not really a "drama" but A Monster Calls is one that my wife and I are big fans of. Three Billboards was good. As was Arrival. Still need to see the Irishman. Wanted to during the holidays, but just could never get the time. And I want to watch the entire movie in one go. Might try it this weekend. But I suspect it will make this list too just based on what I heard about it.

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                        • Haven't seen any of those movies. Not a big movie guy and typically only the "must see" big budget blockbusters and kids movies get me out. My top ten of the decade would probably stink. lol

                          That said, I saw Jumanji 3 over the weekend. It was fun. No award winning acting but the cast has great chemistry.


                          • The Big Short is my top Comedy of the Decade, with Wolf of Wall Street getting Runner Up. Loved both of those movies.

                            Revenant was my top Drama. Interstellar gets Runner Up.

                            Top Action movie would be any of the Mission Impossible movies. Those are great. Man of Steel is my Runner Up.
                            I guess Endgame needs to get a mention, because of what it was.

                            Can't say I've watched really any horror movies, but Haunting of Hill House was spectacular (I know it's not a movie, but it was amazing).

                            But Blade Runner gets my #1 Movie of the Decade, not even close on this one.

                            Honorable Mentions: Whiplash, Ex Machina, Arrival, Drive, Get Out, and Baby Driver.

                            Biggest Disappointment? Glass. That movie sucked. Lol
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                            • Nice work Maury!

                              I'd never heard of A Girl Walks Home at Night. I've been meaning to make time for Ghost Story for a while. And Under the Silver Lake was already near the top of my must-watch list for 2019.

                              I'd probably have Phantom Thread in my top 10, along with Mad Max, Moonlight, Boyhood, and Holy Motors.


                              • And I really like your honourable mentions Joey!