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    Also, Snyder's films are infinitely more interesting than the soap opera that is the MCU. I can not bring myself to care about most superhero movies but Snyder did it. I also watched the newest Wonder Woman movie and it is easily one of the worst films of the year. Preachy in all the worst ways with an awful plot.
    Yeah, this movie is definitely better than the original movie which I only got 20 minutes into before shutting off but the plot is stupid and absurd, the script is still pretty bad and the acting is mediocre at best (outside of the Adams and Affleck the cast is not good). The first half is decent but it starts to lose momentum toward the finale and then that bizarre and ridiculous epilogue(s?) was just awful.

    I confess that I am biased in that I like my superhero movies about superheroes not whatever the people in these movies are supposed to be (gods/angels/avatars?). No interest in watching any more post-modern deconstruction of age-old heroes that were supposed to represent the ultimate ideals of humanity to which we should all aspire being turned into fallen gods or sociopathic killing machines.