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    My mother in law died after a battle with cancer. My wife came back to china about 2 months ago, and my son and I came about 3 weeks ago. We are in the midst of a 5 day funeral procession. I have been trying to be respectful, didn't know as son in law i would be full on in this shit. Been a lot of bai jiu drinking. 56% rice liquor, badically firewater. And was wondering if anyone else experienced other culture's death ceremonies. Not looking for sympathy, just generally curiosity.

    if the pics load, i keep getting error messages, some of them are where the mausoleum is, and some are the hall we are in for the next few days. As a member of immediate family i have to stay with the body for the next three days in a super smoke filled room.

    if you guys saw the fake crying and wailing when kim jong ill died, there is a lot of that.

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    My condolences, Miek. I've only been to Christian services and related wakes so I don't have anything really to contribute but I wanted to say this much.

    I found your post quite interesting by the way. I've never thought about what funerals look like in cultures other than my own.


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      Sorry for your loss, Miek.

      But ya, I've only been to a few funeral services in my life, and I guess the tradition I'm most weirded out by the Open Casket. I'm not down with this.

      But mostly in my experience (Irish/French Canadian family) we just drink and laugh and try to remember the good times.


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        Today there is a marching band. There is a literal cigarette buffet. I was so drunk last night my phone is smashed, and i don't remember how. Made 60 bucks playing mahjong.


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          Today seems to be a celebration of her life. There is a live band as well as the marching band. It is quickly transforming into a gambling den. Mahjong tables, and cards


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            Seems i was the smash hit of the season last night. Lots of people asking when i was going to start drinking today. Some of these guys had baijiu for breakfast


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              I've got the marching band down. They start playing whenever new guests show up to announce to the sons and daughters to come out and greet them. They are all bringing fireworks that are being set off in big pagoda.


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                Geezus ... this sounds like a blast!! Lol Wish I had some old Chinese relatives ...


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                  Getting weird. We have to eat beside the dead body now until the cremation. I didn't feel this uncomfortable eating a buffet lunch on perverts row


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                    No coffin for the incinerator. Just a double thick card board box.


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                      breaking news

                      live from the funeral
                      Official Pope of the Raptors sponsored by MLSE.


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                        That sounds like a pretty wild party man. Remember to drink water.


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                          needed to get to a computer because my phone has been completely destroyed. there are no soft spots for it to hit the floor. i knew it was coming, because it usually does, but the chinese relatives all came at me one by one with a cheerses. i refuse to stand down or else my woman chose a pussy. i think we have left off 1 million fire works. we buy these 5000 piece rolls, and they go off at odd times, i can't understand. wife says, just because, which means she doesn't know. we burned the old girl, took her back to the hall drank with her for another day, played mahjong. pretty sure the old guys set me up on day one. i was up 60, and now i am down 200. we then had uglugies, a motorcade to the mausoleum, a ton more fireworks there, and then back to the city for a "remembering meal" that was all about drinking. people here don't understand that a 190 lbs canadian can drink more than a 145 lbs chinamen.

                          it was a crazy experience, and from what i understand we go back to the tomb every 7 days for the next 49 days. we are going to knock off the mother in laws bucket list of chinese places each week so wife can tell her each week what we saw.

                          good closure.

                          when i opened the thread i thought that we might have more diverse experiences, but alas we are a bunch of wasps.