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A Final Word on the 'Freedom of Speech' Thread

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  • A Final Word on the 'Freedom of Speech' Thread

    Not that I care too deeply about this whole situation, but the final post in the thread that was recently locked by Apollo made a claim I want to respond to, and should have been allowed to.

    If that's the case it should still have been very clear in the multiple times I said my concern was with this making it to court without the police turning up anything as per the article. If Quirk has a problem with the National Post he/she should take it up with them. During his/her rampage through this thread Quirk dropped many judgements and opinions but didn't provide articles to back anything up. Who you gonna believe, anonymous Quirk or the National Post? Most people will pick the paper. There is a face to that. A name to that. The NP was slammed by you and Quirk but who verifies Quirk?
    It isn't about Quirk or National Post. It's about Toronto Star/Metro News or National Post, and their two wildly different portrayals of the story at hand. I'd make a strong argument, given the facts at hand, the the NP was intentionally distorting the truth, and this distortion of the truth created the basis for the entire discussion that followed. This is something worth addressing, IMO, and to cut that conversation off before it can happen is odd, and bad.
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