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Hey guys and gals,

We're running a, how should I say, pilot or beta version of our new Raptors Republic app. We haven't made it official as we're still trying to work out some bugs while improving the user interface. So, its not the final version so expect to see more changes over the next while.

Anyhow, please feel free to download. Available on both Android & iPhone. It's absolutely free.



If we could ask a favour though. We're welcoming feedback and suggestions on perhaps things you'd like to see. At the end of the day we're doing this for you guys by making everything here easier available for you the user. Please send your feedback (Regardless if its positive or negative) to

Thanks in advance and we hope you guys enjoy the application.
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Politics - The Legend Continues...

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    I don't like it. Politicians use those topics to rile up their base. There are much bigger crises on the horizon, but political establishment wants to re-create political debates of 80s,90s...
    I don't think the debate on immigration is about demagogues riling up the base. Whether it's in Europe, the US or Canada, there are serious issues with legal and illegal immigration that need to be addressed. If anything, I would argue that politicians for years have quashed the public debate on immigration by claiming anyone who supports restrictions is a bigot and xenophobe but now the problems are acute and the politicians are being forced to deal with it cause, if they don't, they really won't like the next politicians elected to deal with it.

    As for abortion, again, I think if anything it's a portion of the base (on both sides) pushing politicians to act. NY and Virginia both passed extreme pro-abortion laws this year as well. Governor Coonman didn't to do that to rile up his base - he did it because if he didn't the base wouldn't vote for him next time.


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        • Hahahahaha, karma is a bitch


          • Theresa May has resigned. Brexiteers are loving it and commie is calling for immediate general election