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Artificial Intelligence: Saviour, SkyNET, or ... video game nerd?

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    Joey wrote: View Post
    One step closer to realizing our true supreme ruler. Lol

    That thing is super impressive after watching those videos.
    Well, to humanity's credit, no machine has been able to win an argument with a woman. lol


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      slaw wrote: View Post
      The Alpha Zero chess program sold me on AI eventually taking all our jobs. Not only does it not play like any computer program, it doesn't play like any human and it's smashing solid openings played by the strongest engine in the world and throwing into question long-held assumptions about fundamental play.

      I fell kinda lucky because I think most of this is 20-30 years away from being practical and by that time I will be done in my career. Worry about what my kids are going to do, though....
      Slaw, here's an eye opening AI game:
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        Cancel the draft!