Raptors Republic Android & iOS App

Hey guys and gals,

We're running a, how should I say, pilot or beta version of our new Raptors Republic app. We haven't made it official as we're still trying to work out some bugs while improving the user interface. So, its not the final version so expect to see more changes over the next while.

Anyhow, please feel free to download. Available on both Android & iPhone. It's absolutely free.



If we could ask a favour though. We're welcoming feedback and suggestions on perhaps things you'd like to see. At the end of the day we're doing this for you guys by making everything here easier available for you the user. Please send your feedback (Regardless if its positive or negative) to

Thanks in advance and we hope you guys enjoy the application.
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  • They are streaming the arena on youtube, twitch and mixer for anyone interested. It started 2 mins ago.


    • Machine wrote: View Post
      Regarding the games u mentioned. Ark has way more problems than skill gap. Pvp is unfair from the beginning. You can't do anything when a massive tribe is running the server. I always play pve in ark.
      Yeah, that's what I'm talking about that happens in a lot of these games. You cant compete unless you live at your screen.


      • Apollo wrote: View Post
        Yeah, that's what I'm talking about that happens in a lot of these games. You cant compete unless you live at your screen.
        For sure. It's important for competitive games to have a robust matchmaking system.

        For sea of thieves tho, you can make efforts to avoid combat altogether in the arena of you choose. You can win if you set roles in your crew and have someone who is good at sailing larger ships, steering, setting sails and making repairs etc and then have other people who may be better at reading maps to find treasure or solve riddles. You can go all in with combat if you choose but you can win in other ways as well. They did a good job of explaining it in the stream.

        I also like that everyone gets rewarded. First place wins the most, 2nd is next etc. If you are in last place there is still incentive just to beat the person in 4th place and that can seem like a victory cause u earn more rewards.
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        • New trailer for the story mode in sea of thieves. Being released for free with all the new features and arena mode on April 30th.

          Free with game pass. Still haven't paid a cent for game pass in the last year cause I earn enough microsoft rewards for it to pay for itself. Both xbox live and game pass are free for me. Game pass is the best thing to happen to gaming in a long time honestly (for me personally). Such a good value. Gears 5 will be free on game pass on day 1 too along with every microsoft exclusive they produce in the future. And they just bought 7 new studios in the last year with more to be announced at e3. Halo infinite incoming and it is reportedly the biggest budget game in history, also free on game pass. Been gaming for free with AAA games for over a year now. Crazy.