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We have a new biggest douche in the universe!

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  • We have a new biggest douche in the universe!

    Move over John Edwards, you have been usurped by Paul Shirley.

    Comparing the Haitians to homeless people in America shows how much of an idiot he is.


    "Dear Haitians, First of all, kudos on developing the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Your commitment to human rights, infrastructure, and birth control should be applauded."

    I still can't believe how much of a douche this guy is, honestly.

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    Re:We have a new biggest douche in the universe!

    Shirley strikes me as a classic "I-got-a-public-forum-with-no-writing-experience" kind of guy. At times he can be truly funny and insightful, but he just hasn't developed the filter that writers need to have. And now, it looks like he won't get the chance.

    We all have opinions that are unpopular or politically incorrect, but you can be damn sure that if I was given the opportunity to leapfrog tens of thousands of more qualified applicants to write a blog on one of the world's most popular websites, I'd keep those opinions to myself unless absolutely necessary.

    It's a real shame, because Shirley had a lot of talent and seemed like a nice guy, but I doubt if he'll ever get a shot at anything beyond a local newspaper/tv station again.


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        John Edwards I know/heard of....but who the hell is Paul Shirley? A quick search informed me. Must be a Republican and definitely similar on the idiot meter as Pat Robertson. He probably had similar feelings for the people hurt by Katrina and blames the plight of those in Darfur or Rwanda entirely on the inability of ORDINARY citizenry affected drastically by a natural or man made disaster to help themselves. The ahole probably has no idea about the historical and political (dictatorship) misfortunes in Haiti's past which play such a great part in the sad facts about the societal and economic conditions there in the last century.

        To blame the lack of infrastructure and economic plight of poor and ordinary Haitians is utterly illiterate and above all black-hearted (no pun intended). ESPN should have also fired the editor who allowed such private opinion to be published.


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          Stole this info from Deadspin commentors CutlersTripleChin & SpiroAgnewsGhost:

          CTC: Haiti was able to raise $38,000 for the U.S. after Kartrina. A microscopic amount by our standards, but try to put that in perspective.

          SAG: Allowing for relative differences in GNP and population, that would be like the US donating $383 million. Awesome.

          @ws511 Theres a way to say "there's a lot more disasters destroying Haiti than just the natural ones, and carelessly throwing money at the problem because it makes YOU feel good is not the proper long-term solution" without being a dick.

          Last edited by NewRapCity; Thu Jan 28th, 2010, 12:13 PM. Reason: added source


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            Please list the source for all articles used in your posts.


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                ws511 wrote: View Post
                NewRapCity – … when people get fired for expressing opinions that are not popular – or expressing them in a way that some may object to – it makes me sit up and take notice. ESPN certainly has the right to hire and fire anyone for whatever reasons they may choose but I have the right to disagree with the message that their actions might tend to send. Political censure is a slippery slope and can end up being something we all regret approving of. As I see it, at least.
                I'm the first person with you. I just can't believe this is political censure.


                The article was not published on ESPN and its still available for everyone to view (or not) unedited. Shirley is a freelance writer who won't work again for ESPN, because they are Disney. They always send crazy messages and I support their right to do that.

                /Raptors rule


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                  WS511, with all respect, I believe you are conflating the right to free speech with Shirley's right to use the ESPN platform to espouse his particular views which apart from being morally repugnant and uninformed (to this reader) had nothing to do with sport.

                  Corporations as a rule are loath to be party to an event which alienates a significant portion of the potential client base (readership in this case). Its just bad for business. Witness the Tiger Woods fiasco or the Arenas case. Constitutional rights or even morality have nothing to do with the severing of the affiliation....just the business case.

                  Simply put, Shirley has every right to setup his own blog and write about all of his convictions just as Iam sure there are extremely fringe commentators who do....and no one would bother to shut him down and very few who would grace the site.


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                    Shirley didn't use ESPN as a platform. He is associated with ESPN for many years of freelance writing for the site. The Haiti piece was an essay written for (a division of flipmodesquad).

                    As you were saying, ESPN had to disassociate themselves.


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                      Thank you for the clarification. My bad for assuming that piece actually appeared on the ESPN site.


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                          That was well said ws511.

                          That was very close to the sentiments I had when I first heard about the Shirley reaction/story....a visceral reaction to why the man had to get all knotted up in the societal mores, culture and politics of the Haitian people when there was a natural disaster of epic proportions that had taken place and many there in terrible pain of many kinds who just needed help....not the judgemental bon mots he was passing along. It seems he was right when he surmised he was in a "miniscule minority" when it came to giving as evidenced from all the support by so many.