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    I'm not overly concerned until it starts eating into the pre-season.
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    Not sure. I think Doc is the best person to ask about that.
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    I dont know, i dont like switching teams ever lol, i have been with toronto since mighty mouse, and have been with sacremento since they were cheated out of that WCF series, thus kindling my hate for shaq and the lakers. We think what hedo did was bad, Shaq said "I aint worried bout no sacremento queens." I feel to bad for them to get another team. Might aswell pray Evans gets 30 and 15 next year... lol
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    Yeah i really like sacremento, too bad they arent gonna make the playoffs too haha
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    calm down there. you get so uptight about anybody who picks on amir. hahaha

    you know you arent going to change their minds.

    One should never give up supporting an idea or someone who they believe in regardless of what others say. To sit silently by is to accept the criticism as truth. It is not about changing someones mind. It is about defending a position on an idea that you believe that you are correct on and the other person is wrong on.

    I actually do not comment on a lot of criticism of his game or any player I support. I only criticize those comments that I choose to. Those are comments that appear to me to use untruthful facts or trolling and/or bashing without any substance especially when the facts argue against their opinion. This holds true for whatever idea, value or person I support regardless of their vocation.

    How can one determine the truthful from the not so truthful facts? Not so easy and often this becomes the subject of great debate on many ideas and people.

    Bring the true criticism supported by truthful facts and not just unsubstantiated opinions and I will gladly concur though I may occasionally argue the point if I feel that while the facts may be true the facts as applied to the argument tend not to prove the point.

    That is all there is too it.

    Yes I get uptight about what I perceive are BS unsubstantiated comments and opinions about anything that I am involved with be it sports, politics or hi-tech.

    For example let us say that a hi-tech writer comes out and says that open source software is trash. I will argue on that comment until they substantiate their statement with facts. However if they say that IE9 will be better product than a number of open source browsers I will ask them for support of their statement, even though I agree with it. Why ask if you agree? To possibly learn something based upon facts and truth and not just sheet at the wall opinion.

    Everyone of course is entitled to there opinion. However as I stated if you sit silently by when you hear or read their opinion but disagree it is tantamount to passive acceptance. This trait is not consistent with my personality type.

    Up tight no not unless you consider Data, Spock, S Holmes and Sgt Friday uptight, which a lot of people do.

    I can live with that.
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    If colangelo dosnt realize it, i may have to just become an effing Minnesota fan, they handle themselves better for christ sake.

    Needless to say, next year is gonna be a shit storm if Bryan dosnt shape up.
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    It just seems so perfect for the raptors right now why not?

    Haha so you brought up marion and magic too eh? Being undersized has never been a problem for athletic players. It is more of a problem for the bigger slow players. I dont think that we should trust ed davis and amir as our soul pf's. Amir proved that he has potential last year, but il be damned if he is considered a starter to the league. I have a real bad feeling about ed davis, i was never a fan of his. I could be wrong there, but if BRYAN (not brian lol) colangelo has learned anything, it is that one good season dosnt make you good. It happened with calderon, and i fear it will happen with amir.
    Golden State had it right. Add up the pfs totals per game and it was like 30 ppg, over 15 boards (more probably) all for the price of an allstar. The thing is, when a player was injured, you wouldnt lose all 30 ppg and all boards, you would lose 8 ppg and a couple boards.
    I dunno, pretty genius to me.

    The raptors could have that and more. I think ed davis is going to produce more then radmonivic and Amir is going to get 15 and 8.
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    Totally agree with you on Tolliver
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    Welcome to RRF brotha! Just to make things easier for you anytime you want to embed a youtube vid take the last portion of the specific Youtube URL (part after the "=" sign) and put that between the tag.

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