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  1. First of all, welcome to RR. SOme people obviously have some varying opinions from us. I don't mind that, but what annoys me is when people hold these opinions blindly and are insulted if you disagree with them.

    So you say your first language isn't English. Where are you from?
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    We think exactly the same about Bargnani.I think it is because of logical thinking.And I don't get why people are defending him and bring up all the time his scoring.Maybe because there isn't anything good other to write about him.Anyway I am not giving up on proving those people are wrong as I see you've got nerves as well to convince them
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    I'm surprised as well Tim. I honestly though Bargnani could become an all-star one day, and lead this Raptor team. I was wrong. Well there's nothing you can really say anymore, there aren't anymore excuses. He doesn't even have flashes of effort which he did have in the past. He isn't playing like he wants to be in the NBA, it's like a shoot-around for him. Yeah, I guess it could be that. I'm personally really frustrated with watching him play nowadays, and I'm very disappointed being a huge Bargnani fan.
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    It's getting quite annoying, and making defending Bargnani for anyone nearly impossible. It's ironic, how he defends Bargnani and bashes most other players, trying to prove Bargnani is a good/great player when he just keeps making Bargnani and this 'case' worse. Anyways, right now. I'd trade Bargnani for any high lotto pick, so that we can pick a Kanter and hopefully Irving or Barnes.
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    Tim, why do you bother? I've stopped having lengthy discussions because there is no point.
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    Yeah, I still stick around though. Still a few good contributors. Even Buddha has started to become a little biased I must say. He even started insulting Matt52. But we all know he's on here mostly because of Amir. But reading the debates you've been having is enjoyable, funny to see you shut them up till they resort to just insulting you or something...

    I hope he does start playing again, very sad for a fan to see his favorite player play so badly... I still think he needs to be kept, as a sixth man as soon as we get a proper center. Man, Chandler would have been gold. Thinking about how that trade collapsed just makes me sad, oh well.
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    I've been trying not to go on too much, or get into discussions... But yeah, this forum has changed drastically from when I first joined. Initially, I'd get loads of feedback from people, learn loads and see different perspectives. And discussing was so much fun, now I'm finding it hard to discuss with anyone.

    Anyways, Bargnani has been really poor lately. Worse than any other stretch as a Raptor. No effort, no energy, no skill, no nothing. He needs to do something, and do it quick. His game was still bearable earlier in the year, even without rebounding and defense, he still scored well and played with a lot of effort (at least for a couple quarters) but now, the way he's playing is inexcusable.. We desperately need to find a good starting center, someone like Perkins but I doubt he'd leave Boston for Toronto. Gasol would be great as well, or Jordan, but Jordan would probably want a huge contract I'm not sure he deserves...
    Imagine we still had Peja, we could do trades with teams like OKC, Minnesota, Sacramento, Detroit and get picks. In a draft where, apart from Irving, anyone could get picked in the 3-14 range, having a number of picks could be incredible. Best case scenario would be to draft Irving 1/2/3 and then with a midrange pick get Kanter or Keith Benson... Another guy we could get late would be Singler, I like him too.

    See you on the board Tim.
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    Hey back on the forum Tim You can imagine the threads which have been going on here, after all the losses and Bargnani's poor form and Triano's poor coaching.
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    Good to see back on the forums after your hiatus Tim.
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    Did you know that in the U.S. on a per capita basis there was probably more illegal alcohol related crime during prohibition than there is today illegal drug related crime on a per capita basis in the U.S.?

    Also, let us not forget all the people who die early from liver disease brought on by drinking whether legal or not to say nothing of vehicular deaths due to drinking whether legal or not.

    Drugs legal and illegal may be bad for you but so is alcohol which has no internal curative properties at all despite what medicine tonic sales people will tell you.

    Just pointing out.
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