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  1. The exchange I got involved with, due to you breaking forum rules by moderating fellow members, involved the following posters: Abbas & Scraptor.

    Now you're bringing up alleged "hate speech" posts by KeonClark. He wasn't even involved in the exchange I got involved in.

    I don't understand how these 2 completely separate issues can possibly be related, now matter how hard you try to make them a single issue.
  2. The conversation in question did not involve Hitler or any other racially motivated topics.

    Your messages and whatever point you're trying to make, make absolutely no sense.

    1. Abbas made a comment suggesting everybody calm down.

    2. Scraptor made a tongue-in-cheek reply to Abbas' post, essentially saying that Abbas was right and we should all calm down.

    3. You replied to Scraptor and tried to moderate him. You overreacted, got involved in a conversation that didn't concern you, and broke forum rules.

    4. I pointed out the rules you broke, both publically and privately, explaining to you the proper process to report posts that you feel are offensive.

    5. You bring Hitler, blacks, police, the holocaust, and all sorts of other stuff up, which had nothing to do with the exchange involving Abbas, Scraptor, you, and me.

    This exchange did NOT involve any hate speech of any kind. I even quoted the posts in question, to remind you that they did not involve any hate speech. All of your follow-up posts make absolutely no sense.
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    But you are missing the point that I wasn't speaking to KeonClark and he jumped into the conversation and insulted me, referencing the conversation in question. I also don't see any investigation on your part to discipline keon on those remarks!? I've reported it to you several times and you blame me for not reporting it sooner!? You're not distancing yourself or RR from those remarks. They remain in the forum. You remove objections but not the offense!? RR condones hate speech!?
    "God help us if 'you are' the voice of reason".
    Tongue in cheek, of course.
    There's no over reacting to the atrocities of Hitler, you dolt, tongue in cheek, of course.
    Like are you playing Fife in your fifedom or what!? It's pathetic. Tongue in cheek, of course.
    I don't want your moderator job dude but I'm not gonna listen to hate speech and people constantly picking on Abbas, even when he's not in the room. It's gross. I tell someone not to pick on Abbas and your whole basis for this farce is that i'm infringing on your moderation duties!? It's pathetic, tongue in cheek, of course.
    Who's in charge? You're not the voice of reason. Tongue in cheek, of course.
    Stop deleting my posts. I'd like to speak to someone else. Don't post here. Don't post on my comments. I'm not interested in dealing with people that condone hate speech. I gotta believe there's at least one mod at RR that understands this or I am happy to be banned. Not gonna spend my time with people who think that's ok.
    I don't know what passes for human decency in butt-fuck Alberta but in the civilized world, hate speech is not ok, tongue in cheek, of course.
  4. I already explained that the conversation I got involved in today started with you moderating a fellow member.

    Nothing in the message you attempted to moderate had reference to police, racism, Hitler, holocaust, or you.

    I encourage you to report posts and/or members that include insensitive remarks, but there is a process to do that. You can report a post, by clicking the little triangle with a "!" in it, which is in the bottom-left corner of every message, just above where you click to "like" a post. If you do that, every Admin/Mod automatically gets a message.

    I also encouraged you to send private messages to any/all Admins/Mods, if you felt we weren't giving enough attention to a particular issue. I simply pointed out that doing so in public was not in accordance with the rules.

    If somebody said something horrible prior to you moderating the message about Abbas, then the Admins/Mods will deal with it. However, you moderating a fellow member is an unrelated issue, which is the point you seem to miss. I was dealing with the second issue, and encouraged you to follow the appropriate process to deal with the first.

    Calling you oversensitive, given the way you reacted to harmless post, isn't really an insult. You did overreact, and you broke the rules. Remember, the post in question DID NOT include any of the racial stuff you're referring to, even it involved the same poster.
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    If I said "God help us when CalgaryRapsFan is the voice of reason."; you wouldn't consider that a personal attack?
    I never called Scraptor a racist or a bully. False accusations.
    I did not ignore public or private warning. I asked for clarification and appeal. My comments were deleted. So were comments made by Sinbad. We only appealed to decency. We are not guilty of anything.
    I don't appreciate you and KeonClark insulting me. Describing my personal character as hypersensitive is a personal attack. You don't know me.
    Just because you didn't "witness" the Holocaust or if it happened "yesterday", doesn't mean it didnt happen or that it's ok to use it as an analogy to a basketball game. I and Sinbad spoke out against it and today in your presence I was described as hypersensitive by the same guy, KeonClark, that made those Hitler remarks. He, reintroduced the discussion into today. He specifically cited our previous conversations. You witnessed that, today.
    Yeah, I am hypersensitive to the Holocaust. A lot of people are. It's bigger than basketball and certainly a fan forum or its rules. You think that's ok!? You think the violation here is that I'm infringing on your role as a moderator? And then you censor my appeals.
    I honestly feel really violated and sickened. All I did was say don't pick on Abbass and don't compare basketball to Hitler and racist police killing. It's not funny and it's not right. In this world or any other. It's just gross and worse yet to argue that it's not gross.
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    You have two witnesses. The comments were made by KeonClark. You witnessed him call me hypersensitive, that's a personal attack!
    The comment about Abbas clearly criticises his judgement.
    You think Sinbad and I are making up comments about Hitler and police killing!? You think that's ok!? You think censorship against those comments by those who denounce those comments is ok!?
    Not end of story, I've PMed your peers. You neglected my rights as a member. You censored legitimate complaints registered by other members. You think ESPN is cool with hate speech on their affiliated sites!?
  7. The post you moderated today said:

    "God help us when Abbas is the voice of reason. He's right though, no need to overreact just yet. If we lose to the Bucks though..."

    There is nothing racist in that post.

    There is no personal attack in that post.

    No matter what was in that post, it's not your place to moderate.

    To be frank, moderating a conversation that didn't involve you, calling Scraptor a racist and bully (by insinuating a personal attack), ignoring multiple public and private reminders about the forum rules, and ignoring multiple public and private warnings, does all ad up to be "hypersensitive" or overreacting, or whatever else you want to call it.

    I have no idea what you are referring to about racist remarks, but the conversation that I got involved in today had absolutely nothing to do with whatever may have happened in the past. If there was a racist comment or personal attack made in the past, the Admins/Mods can (or have) deal with it. However, that would be a completely separate issue from today, which started with you breaking several forum rules by moderating a fellow member, and then arguing publically with a Moderator.

    End of story.
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    Being called hypersensitive is a personal attack. I've registered the complaint several times - you deleted it. The posters comment still remains.
    Another member corroborated the racist remarks. You deleted it. Are you going to follow up?
    Tongue-in-cheek it may be but it stills undermines Abbas imo. It's not the first post of this ilk I've seen toward Abbas. Abbas, of course, can defend himself but permitting of this behavior creates and gives license to a culture of belittlement, however passive.
    You're censoring comments without due diligence of investigating the claims of two witnesses. You have ignored and deleted my registered complaint.
    This is not a safe environment for open discussion if racism and derogatory remarks are permitted and those who speak against those remarks are censored and disciplined for it.
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    I was called hypersensitive. I posted that I was offended, in your witness. You deleted the post.
    You can review the forum to see the racist remarks by KeonClark. Sinbad corroborated these remarks. You deleted those posts as well.
    Do you condone racism, personal attacks and censorship?
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