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    Many thanks.
  2. That's too bad. Sorry you feel that way.
    I'm going to avail upon the other mods for some measure of decorum first. I don't really feel comfortable to post atm bc i feel this is a culture of ridiculing others for pleasure and a disconnection from what I perceive to basic ethical and moral standards of our society. Just bc we are participating in a virtual world doesn't mean we are completely detached from the reality of our physical world. I'm disturbed how both those guys acted and also that no one cares. Not sure I want to spend my time with people who condone that behaviour either so I see where you are coming from. Thanks for your help!
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    So instead of adjudicating the situation properly, he just deleted posts indiscriminately, slapped everyone with infractions, and parroted the standard line of "forum rules"? None of this surprises me. It smacks of incompetence. I don't know Abbas very well, nor do I follow many of his posts, but nobody deserves to be strong-armed or demeaned when all we're doing is discussing/debating aspects of the Raptors.

    As for CalgaryRapsFan, I read the conversation. I'm not impressed, but he isn't the first person in a quasi-authority/leadership position to side with someone who personally attacks others or makes inflammatory comments or allusions, and he won't be the last. Calling someone hypersensitive on that particular subject matter is such a slap in the face, and deleting the posts is petty. As soon as I figure out how to delete my forum account, I'm gone.
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    And he also deleted my initial rebuke towards KeonClark which took place before he went after Abbas. I can't find my comments anywhere. There's nothing "tongue-in-cheek" about the allusions he made, or purging the evidence of it.

    Edit: Actually, he didn't get to them. I'll post the interaction below in its entirety.

    Sinbad wrote: View Post
    It's what they've always done. The story that will get all the ink today is Ross's 3 being overturned, but the Raptors put themselves in that position by abandoning what worked for them. It's a matter of poor coaching and inflated ego. It really is. Why else would the offense shift so drastically to DD isolations and Lowry trying to draw fouls? The worst part about it is that we all knew after JV's huge first half exactly what was going to happen in the 2nd.

    KeonClark wrote:
    It was a west coast road game in the middle of a grueling travel schedule. Not surprised it came down to the end. Yes raptors should have kept going at jv, but I'm tired of reading pepole say "we put ourselves in that position" like, no, you shouldn't have to avoid a last minute call being fair because of suspect reffing. It's like a black guy who was unjustly shot by police for a small crime "put himself in that position"

    Sinbad wrote:
    Obviously there's more to it than involving JV. They played shameful defense for the better part of 3 quarters. It doesn't matter who they play right now if they're going to defend like they don't give a damn and try to outscore everyone. It's bad basketball. Was the call embarrassing? Absolutely. It's a horrible precedent to set. But we can't ignore or overlook how lethargic many of their sets were, and how they let the Kings off the hook.

    And don't draw an equivalence between a basketball team playing badly and getting jobbed by a bad call, and a black guy being shot by police but being blamed for it after the fact. There are extensive studies pointing to implicit bias within law enforcement that make them more likely to shoot black men than they are people of other races.

    lewro wrote:
    +1 the police killing analogy is off base. We're talking about a game.

    KeonClark wrote:
    I knew somebody in the politically correct brigade would take offense to my analogy...nobody ever said they have to be equal in comparison.
    "It's a LITTLE cold? Yeah, and Hitler was a LITTLE evil!" "Hey man, don't compare the weather to the extermination of an entire people based on religion!!!"

    Sinbad wrote:
    You're disgraceful. Calling you out on a false equivalence doesn't make me politically correct. It was a garbage analogy rooted in ignorance. So of course, you double down and bring up Hitler. Shameful.

    KeonClark wrote:
    That's the problem that I pointed out, comparison doesn't have to be an equivalent. Should I have prefaced it with "an indirect analogy which is far less important than its comparison on a scale of 1:1000000; so you didn't get your knickers in a twist?

    Haha I'm disgraceful now. Get over yourself.

    Sinbad wrote:
    There are many ways to get a point across without bringing up black men getting shot by the police, or making a caustic remark about Hitler. Don't want to get called out on it? Don't make those types of comparisons. It's that simple.

    lewro wrote:
    +2 it's gross. Plz stop

    So even before KeonClark went after Abbas, he was already making these analogies. I'm still baffled that I got an infraction against me for "attempting to moderate others". Still, there is nothing "tongue-in-cheek" about these comments. Nothing whatsoever.
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    One poster made a completely harmless, tongue-in-cheek remark about Abbas, which had nothing even remotely racist in it.

    You jumped in and attempted to moderate a fellow poster, which is against posted forum rules.

    I reminded you and everybody else about the rules, and told you that you're free to report posts and send PMs about posts/posters to any Admin/Mod that you want, if you feel they've broken a rule.

    I deleted all public posts that continued to break the peer-moderating rule, as well as the arguing with Admins/Mods rule. I still told you to have that conversation and voice your opinions on those topics, just via PM - not in public. You chose to blatantly disregard both public and private reminders and warnings, hence the infractions and deleted posts.

    You clearly are taking issue at a particular poster because of previous comments made, which had absolutely no bearing on today's conversation. They are two entirely different situations, no matter how hard you're trying to blend them into one, to make today's exchange about racism, personal attacks and censorship.

  6. I registered a complaint in another forum.
  7. Thx. I feel better that at least one person sees that it's not right. I'm more disturbed that the moderator is deleting the posts than keon making the comments and no one saying that's not right.
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    Of course he did. I don't think I'm going to stick around on the forums for much longer, especially if asking for common decency is being seen as a "complaint" now.
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